To see my Master soon

Usually I look forward to this, as I know sex will bring about the hottest passion between us, the best I have ever had. It’s so hot , you are melting, out of breath,? maybe even a little light headed. We do actually collapse on the bed. Hearts are racing, I want Him to hold me close, but let the sweat stop, and let me catch my breath. Once we are back to normal, He holds me close, reminds me that though He just used my body to its capacity, filled every orifice with His sweet seed, I’m not His slut this moment, I’m His babygirl again. The one who can try to get her way, but He still melts and will let me sort get my way! I don’t think He can help it, He’s just a sweet Daddy♡

But if you think it’s all about sex, then you seriously missed the point.  I can write all day/ every day about the passion we have for each other. It’s the relationship between us that outshines the sex. The bond between us ,why the sex is so incredible. For those who wander into our lifestyle,  read a few hot books, think you understand how we live. You have no idea, not until you have given your heart and trust over to a true dominant. One that meets your needs, He can see your naked soul, before you have ever undressed before Him. He can tell when something is heavy on your mind. He knows you, and in return He will let you learn of Him. He will allow you to kneel before Him, to serve Him. This is truly the part we are after from the start. If you are lucky enough, He will be the only one you will kneel for, hoping for forever. As kneeling is not taken lightly, it warms His heart. 

As you have become lucky enough to be His, He will train you, break you, mold you. Then He will fuck you like the dirty slut of His, that you are. Until that time, you have never been truly loved, touched, or fucked by any man. Only a dominant can do this, your dominant.

I am lucky enough to have found mine. It wasn’t easy, but it never is. It will always take time. Each story is unique. As you feel like you are a wild flower growing wherever,  and He picks you. You will always wonder what He saw in you. But always remaining grateful, will show Him how much you love to be His. But don’t take Him for granted. He knows you aren’t perfect,  but that is what His correction, punishment,rules, and structure is for. If you have found this, then treasure it, as much as He treasures you. For you have the start of something beautiful that doesn’t come along to often. Then to one day , be collared by your true love, owned by Him,for the whole world to see.

This is the stuff we live for. This is not in the books you read, you must actually crave our lifestyle,  it runs in your blood, through your veins. You know you can never be with a vanilla person again, they have nothing to offer you. Only that true Dom can give you want you want/need… a safe place to submit. The real  happiness.

I love you Daddy♡


2 thoughts on “To see my Master soon

  1. B. says:

    thank you, it is so. Teaching my new ‘One’. I am expanding her capacities beyond anything she ever dreamed of. She is stunned, in awe of her own capacities and my abilities to bring it out of her, to have her begin to bloom.

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