He lied to me

He said after a few months, once we decided to date, that He doesn’t do gifts very often. He bought me a pearl necklace. It’s beautiful,  no one had ever bought me pearls before. My Daddy Made me feel so special.

He gives me gifts all the time. He just doesn’t realize it. So He lied! Everytime I see Him, He gives me something…

His smile
His time
His love
His care
His trust
His structure
His discipline
His thoughts
His kisses
His hugs
His skin on mine
His cock!!
His words, always knows what I need to hear
He listens, He makes me talk.
A relationship with Him.
He gave me a safe place to be, near Him.
His ownership. I’m all His!
His protection

I do consider these gifts, you can’t buy them from a store, but to me they are just as important as anything tangible. In fact, they matter more to me. See, He lied! He gives to me all the time! He gives the best gifts♡  it’s like He just knows what I want…  i want my Daddy! 




2 thoughts on “He lied to me

  1. OMG! I about had a heart attack reading that first line!!!! *breath in, breath out* Okay, I’m really really happy for you. Now, please don’t scare me like that!

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