How to care for your slave

The Master/slave dynamic is different from all the other relationships , it’s the original premise of bdsm. It’s the most restrictive, and structured. It can also seem to be to judgmental and harsh. Many who enter the lifestyle stay completely away from M/s , because of the constant servitude. It’s always between 2 consenting people. Takes much trust after submission is given. Most slaves lose all their rights, their voice, Master thinks and does for you.

Any slave does need to be reminded of their Masters control, on a daily basis. If they are new to this dynamic it will be more than that, but any true Master knows this,  we slaves ,give up so much, so that reminder is very much needed. When slaves are reminded of their position in the dynamic, it helps that slave to give to Master even more, of themselves. So they need to feel very important, safe, and secure to do this sort of relationship. The pay off for Masters time is a deeper submission.  The reminder can be subtle,gentle, or all the way to full on ‘in your face’ ,to show who’s in charge. The Master will decide.

Masters make rules for the slaves. We slaves need direction, structure. Nothing worse than a confused slave who doesn’t know their place. If a Master can’t be consistent with discipline to infractions of rules, or disrespect,  then maybe you have no business owning a slave. Nothing worse then a slave who loses respect for their Master. Slaves know when they have broken rules, we will wait for your correction. If none happens, we lose respect , Master  slowly loses that control and submission.  Never think that a slave in your care is stupid. In fact, it takes the strongest person to kneel and give complete control and submission and not want it back.  We constantly watch how Master handles everything,  because that is how Master shows His slave He loves and cares for His slave. 

Guidelines to live by:
If your slave has broken a rule, talk to your slave, make sure the slave knows exactly why they are in trouble. There should be no doubts in the slaves mind. Give slave details of what is wrong, what is tolerated,  what won’t be. Make sure your slave understands.

A collar can be most helpful for the slave to remember ,who they belong to, why they want to make Master proud. Any type of collar: day,training, play, protection. For permanent collars ,not recommended here,  unless Master plans on keeping their slave for a long time. It’s not just a collar, it’s a commitment.  Don’t abuse the lifestyle and meanings. You can even try a bracelet, or anklet. Whatever the object chosen, it’s still the meaning behind it.

Have slave text/call you each day at a particular time. No excuses. This is for a Master to know how His slave is that day, and struggles,  problems. It is hard work, but then if you are a long time Master you knew what you were getting into.

Choose your slaves clothes each day. Choose their hairstyle and haircolor.
* I get new slaves telling me this goes to far. Not so fast slave. This is what it is, you signed up to be someone’s slave, you don’t get choices, unless the choice is given to you by your Master. Don’t like how this works, then don’t do this lifestyle.  It’s been like this from bdsm beginnings. Whoever heard of a slave who does what they want… this isn’t like slavery of history, in the lifestyle you are free to walk away, never waste a true dominants time.

Slaves can have weekly, daily inspection.  This is will be of your whole body. Your body belongs to Master, things about your body will be Masters way, not yours.

Ask Master how you are to address them in ‘vanilla’ settings.

A Master can have you service them, when they want, even if you ,the slave, are busy. They may allow from time to time you to have your way.  It is a caring relationship between two people as well.

Have your slave clean your home, do laundry and ironing, etc. They can even care for their own home. Cell phones are able to do videos and pictures.

Some Masters pick a way to mark their slaves. This is only recommended if this is going to be long term. Either by a tattoo or branding.  Master can mark His property.

Show your slave respect, you want it from the slave. Be able to show it to them too. But push their limits as well.

Keep communication open with your slave. They may need to talk each night before bed. As Master, there is always that one important question, “did you do anything today that would get you in trouble?” This keeps your slave honest, they know you will be asking. It also keeps the slave from hiding infractions from you. As Master it’s your job to find out of any rule breaks. I do tell on myself, but if my Master asked me each night, that might make me more aware of things I do each day, and try my hardest to honor Him, since I know I will be asked often. Guilt in a slave is a terrible thing for us ,as slaves, but great for the Master. Thankful mine doesn’t ask each day/night!

Teach your slave how to properly kneel before you, present themselves.

Be on top of what your slave is doing, however you choose to do that. My Master has me text Him where I go, how long I’ll be, who I am with. Whether out shoppig, with my kids, or at the gym.

After a certain time, a Master or slave,  can opt for a contract. This will be negotiated between the Master and slave.  Taken very seriously between then both. This is binding between them for an agreed time period. It’s not a legal document,  as slavery is illegal. But in the lifestyle we hold contractual agreements with high regard. If you don’t think you can live up to an agreement, then don’t do the contract. For ideas on how to set one up, search online, there are many sites that are helpful. Make 2 copies once it’s all agreed, signed on both copies from Master and slave. There should be a time of review ,to either renew the contract ,or see what you both agree to.

In the next writing I will cover rule breakage. Suggestions to teach your slave.


2 thoughts on “How to care for your slave

  1. submissiveama says:

    I agree with much of your post (especially about the difficulty of M/s and the kind of respect needed on both sides). While I enjoy the idea of giving up that much control, I simply don’t have the strength to do it. I tried once, but I was in a consistent state of anxiety. I just couldn’t let go of certain vestiges of personal power.

    Slaves are much stronger people than I could ever be. I am in awe of each and every one.

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