Rules for slaves to live by

You can take what you want from this list. Even add to it. After I list common rules, I will talk about rewards and care. It needs to be balanced.

So, let’s assume you have set rules, limits, structure for your slave, but she’s feeling bratty or lucky, decides to break a rule. What do you do…

Rules for slaves to live by:

Have slave eat something they hate ,for a week. Make its not a food allergy. They can take pics to show its done. For ultimate guilt, ask questions,  if you know your slave well, then you won’t worry they lied to you. Or have them do this in front of you.

Give your slave a writing assignment:
Definition of pain, of servitude, of not breaking rules. You pick subject. Then give time frame for it to be done. If not done, double assigment, give less time. Be consistent.* my Master uses this*

Have slave only speak when spoken to.

Have slave keep body shaved at all times. Inspect  your property.

Have slave do morning rituals : hair, 

Give slave work to do, if they have time to piss you off, they have time to do some work.* my Master uses this*

Give reading assignments on subjects you know slave will hate. Then ask questions so you know they had to pay attn.

Feed slave like a child. This is awful, especially out in public.

Let slave know they cannot touch what’s yours (body parts) without your permission . Help slave understand consequences of breaking this rule.
* my Master uses this technique *

If angry with slave, withhold play. Or let them play but withhold orgasm. Have them send a video. * my Master uses this technique*

If Master is angry, take away time with you, even texting, calls. No contact for a few days does wonders to a slave. Discuss this before it’s used, they make think you have left them. Then have slave take any pleasure or pain from you, but no noise. *my Master has done this too, I still have to do morning texts, and where I’m going/doing. But to not get anything back is killer. When He talks again I’m happy but crying.* have time for reconciliation,  a good Master knows slave needs to reconnect, mine is brilliant at this. He’s a great Master.

Have slave wear sign in public of infraction they broke. Shame goes a long way.

Give slave task of cumming 10 times that day. Video will give confirmation.  It will also make slave very sore, my Master let’s me use lube, this is hard to do when your are not wanting to keep cumming. It’s awful. * my Master uses this*

Have slave wear butt plug, nipple clamps, or inserted toy with remote
(Master gets remote), no panties, no bra. slave has no say, but will feel it for whatever time frame you set. Even if they work. Do out in public when together.*my Master uses this*

On Masters birthday,  make slave take your spankings.

Put your slave in the corner, predetermined time. Even children hate this.

To ultimate shame to slave,  don’t let them serve you. Take away titles. Theres no play, no punishment, no pleasure from Master. This is very harsh, they need to serve. A few days is enough, allow them back to being your slave, there will be tears. Don’t abuse this, it will hurt the slave mentally, there is a line that can be crossed then it’s abuse and not correction. It’s effective to put them in their place.

Try quarter punishment,  enough said.

Have slave be your personal porn star, cam girl. Either alone or with another girl you pick. Have slave do pics/videos. slave doesn’t get a choice, your property does as you say.

Build a cage or buy one. Pet smart has them. This is shame on a deep level.

Have slave put on a slutty  outfit for you.  Touch slave, caress slave, have them strip for you. Then when slave is hot and ready, leave. If slaves touches what’s yours, give her more. She used toys, keep the toy there til she is screaming ,begging you to stop.

Have your slave masturbate over the phone.

Have slave write some erotica for you.
*my Master uses this*

Teach slave patience. *my Master uses this technique *

Keep a list of transgressions,  just when slave thinks she has gotten away with something,  that you aren’t paying attn. Then hit her with the list. She will be shocked, try to say it’s unfair, but hold her accountable. *my Master uses this*

Have slave be quiet, still as possible, keep legs open while you use a toy on them. If not, start all over again, or add in punishment.  *my Master uses this*

Lock your slave in their collar,  Master keeps key around neck, or keep her on a leash. slave can’t go anywhere without you or your ok. Tie slave up ,leave her a while.

Bring slave to tears, lecture,shaming. Those tears belong to Master, then have slave talk to you.

Masters word is final, no complaints, no explanation,  no question. If slave is still trying to get you to listen, show them they lost their power. 

Take away electronics. Slow slave down with online social sites. That is killer for those addicted to our phones. My Master has access to some passwords. He could lock me out.

Correction needs to keep happening til it’s a habit.

Care for your slave:
There is an opposite side to rules/punishment, it’s proper care of your slave.

Help slave overcome fears.
*my Master does this*

Always let slave know how you feel about them. Communicate.

Care for your slave : bathe her ( if she likes that), massage, if sick take care of her. Do for her as she does for you. If you can’t see the love and care in that ,she needs that too, or she feels taken for granted. Then you don’t deserve your slave.

Surprise her: favorite perfume, date night, movie, picnic in the park,  shopping spree. Alittle  attention goes a long way.  If you never give back,  you risk losing her. If she has earned your love and respect, show her. * my Master has done this a few times!*

Praise her. She needs to hear how you see her. * my Master uses this*

Write something just for her. Have her read it everyday,  especially if she has low self esteem, body issues. Take care of her.

Pamper your slave,  she gives her servitude. Send her to a spa for a day, outing with girlfriends. * my Master uses this*

Always remember holidays, slaves birthday,  your anniversary. 

On bad days, let her cry, just hold her.

Whisper to her things she needs to hear.
She’s beautiful, she keeps you happy,  she’s the best slave. Think up some of your own! *my Master uses this!!*

Occasionally fulfill slaves fantasies,  she will be so surprised. *my Master has used this*

Make sure slave is safe.  This shows love and care.

Be consistent, be consistent,  be consistent.  If she’s do a punishment,  don’t put it off and risk losing her respect,  of course she hates punishment but she needs you to be the Master. She needs time with you for sex, and other times no sex ,just you. Make sure you can do just that. Be the Master she expects you to be or risk losing her altogether. 

** my Master usually asks each day, what my itinerary is. I let him know of everything for that day. If He has felt I’m not busy enough He may find me something else to do, put me on task.
He has sent me to the gym, had me cum several times in a day, write for him, my Master has a sadistic mind and doesn’t like a lazy slave. Some days I think He let’s me just have my day to myself! I do hate it when He asks ;
” is there anything I should know?” My guilt will take over and tell Him everything I did for that last 10 yrs. I’m thankful He doesn’t do this as much any longer.


2 thoughts on “Rules for slaves to live by

  1. submissiveama says:

    “Do for her as she does for you. If you can’t see the love and care in that, she needs that too, or she feels take for granted. Then you do t deserve your slave.”

    That statement is absolutely key in any power-exchange. Thank you!

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