I need a minute of His time:

I’m in love, with a wonderful man. He’s my first true love, ever. I tell him often how lucky I feel to have him in my life, to be with the man that makes my heart beat faster when he’s around. That when I’m with him I can’t find the right words to tell him how much he means to me, or that I don’t ever want to be without him, I hope He can see how much I appreciate Him.

He is simply the kindest man, but don’t ever mistake his kindness for weakness, you dont want that to happen. He’s not a pushover, but he is caring. He’s very unselfish, yet will put himself on the list , just last. He’s is a great dad, yet he feels he doesn’t spend enough time with his kids, does any parent?  But he would go to the ends of the earth for his children, if they needed him to. Nothing is to hard. He doesn’t kow the meaning of the word ‘no’. Nor does he like to hear it, but that’s a whole other reason if it’s coming from me!

Then he makes sure he has a working friendship with his exes, since children need to see that. See, He’s smart. He’s repectful, but then don’t push this or you meet reasons you wish you hadnt. He’s nice til it’s time to not be nice.

He cares about things deeply, but you will not hear him talk about that, til He knows you’re listening. Once he let’s you in his world, well it’s a beautiful thing.

He’s smart,funny,clever, a sadist, caring, loving, sweet beyond words, a lover and a fighter. He puts me in His life and finds a place for me, not just any place,  a place of importance,  for I am His slave, His woman.

As much as He shows me He loves me, I try to do that back for Him. To serve Him in every capacity , to the best of my ability. I would stop time for Him if I could, so there could be more hours in a day , He’s so busy. He doesn’t always get everything done in that day. Not for lack of trying.

I’m always so impressed by him, his honesty, his love, his care, His concern for his children, for me His babygirl/slave, for His friends and family. Even when I’ve had a human moment, and I screw up, He’s still forgiving, I can respect Him 100 times more, even for disciplining me. As He refuses to leave me like that. Thank you Daddy, I might not like your form of correction, but it’s always for my best. I can feel how much you love me, and care for me. You are the best Daddy♡

I have never had anyone in my life, quite like Him, he’s one of a kind. I do plan on making sure he’s completely happy so he wants to have a life with me, be the slave He needs me to be. That is a gift I can give to Him, as He always gives to me.

I know He will read this, wonder if this is true. 100% of this writing is true, 100%. I am so grateful to have Him in my life.  How could anyone ever compare? They dont, not even close.

This man is worth all the treasure in the world, then I’m still not sure  you get the picture. I am in love with the greatest man. I really am lucky to have been the woman He wanted to get to know, and decided I was worth His time. Granted nothing is perfect in this world, but my Daddy, my Master comes awful damn close. Being the humble man He is, he won’t agree with this, but that is beside the point. I’m in love, and I want the world to know!

I love you Daddy!





2 thoughts on “I need a minute of His time:

  1. Selina says:

    SOOOOOO HAPPY for you both! Congrats ❤

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