I’m yours




Yes, I’m fully Yours in every sense of the word. I accept Your training, Your rules, Your structure, Your punishments, Your lectures, Your evil ways, Your great heart, Your care, Your love, Your honesty,  Your time, Your thoughts as my own, Your words, Your breath as my own, Your discipline,  Your wrath, Your happiness, Your anger,  Your tears, Your joy, Your sorrow, Your struggles, Your bad days, Your good days, Everything about You, as You are when You stand before Your slave. I can’t think of any place I would rather be then with You, by Your side, living each day til it’s my last, in Your arms with Your embrace, making love while the world goes away for a while. Reminding You always just how wonderful a Master You are, because You truly are. That I need You, cuz You’re also my Daddy. The man I want coming home to me, so I can give You a hot meal, a clean and happy home, to hand You your favorite drink after a long, hard day You might go through, to massage Your whole body because that’s what a good slave does, to display to the world proudly that I Yours, when You lay Your head down at night to sleep,You have felt unconditional love from Your slave. You deserve a good life , a great start to each day, a slave that will give You a blow job whenever You want, someone in Your life who is completely grateful that You picked me! I love to spoil you, care for you, show you that you are the man I dream of, the Master I wish to serve for the rest of my days, the Daddy I want to curl up next to and be spoiled by. My god ,You have made me the happiest I have ever been, You leave me wanting more…always. i want to wake up to You, being spanked by You, so You start Your day off right. The way You listen, help me when I ask for advice. When I need You ,You are there. You read me like a book, You know me better than I know myself. The way You don’t let me give up on myself, or anything. How You see something in me worth staying for. That You have let my tears fall and there was no shame. You gave me tasks when I stumble. You have picked me back up so I can keep going.  You own me body,mind,heart, and soul without even placing a collar on me,without any contract, I am here of My own free will. It’s just how You are when I’m with You, even when we are not together, Your presence is still within me.

You are the greatest man I know. It is an honor to kneel before You, while You let me serve You. It never feels like enough compared to what You do for me. I’m glad You have ideas of our future and the path we will take. You always find a way to give me subtle hints, that You are here because You want to be, thank you. If I take that for granted, I’m sorry. At this point I don’t think I could be without You. I’m so attached to You, I really like that, and everything about You. My thoughts are on You! To feel connected to You! How to serve You! How much I love You! And making love to You is something I want more of, if forever works for You, I’m in♡


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