Oh the places we’ll go

Daddy, is still waiting for the day when He has time to give out the punishment from hell. It does sound brutal and like it will take more than one day.

Will He tie this babygirl to the bed, and have His way.

Will He tie me down, with my toy right on my clit, and leave me there? He says He has thought about it.

Will He just use every toy in the box to see how red my ass can glow.

My Daddy can get very evil ideas in His head, cuz He’s a sadist. I’m hoping I didn’t put any in His head. Oh the places He can go in His mind. There are far more evil thoughts that make Him laugh, as He would need time to pull them off.

Recently, He had come over and was working off ‘the list’. For those of you who don’t know, I can be a bit of a brat, and when I thought Daddy wasn’t paying attention, He let me go off on my own and piss Him off completely,  I had no idea. Then He sprung on me that there was a list of all infractions,


In my mind this is what ‘the list’ looks like, but then He doesn’t correct this thought, He loves the mind fuck. So He is not concerned that I think the list is this big.

Then Daddy has reminded me, that when we do stuff out in public, if it didn’t go the way He had in His head, then He wants to do it over again. I don’t get a choice in the matter,  the hard part of being a slave.  Especially a sadists slave. Just one thought from Him and my mind will go to these deep, dark places. Oh the places my mind goes. Daddy can tell when I get like this, He will demand to know what’s on my mind, I think He’s trying to get ideas… He’s sneaky like that!  I used to write a lot more erotic stories, but I was afraid I was giving Him ideas there too. Both of us have a mind for evil, I haven’t figured out which mind is worse, but we can go with His, as I do not want to tell every evil idea that goes through my mind. I do sometimes make my own meme’s or share them from others on fb, I forget that just one look and He can get a whole idea of things He wants to do to me.

I would say He’s pure evil, but it might sound disrespectful,  but I can say, I think even the devil runs from Daddy. Which He should, Daddy probably has ideas on how to harm him as well.

Oh the places we go, in our evil , dirty thoughts. I’m just glad that Daddy has had plenty of time to calm down! Yet, how good can it be that the evil thoughts are still swirling through His dark mind. I can’t tell if it’s better to be happy I have a few more days before I can’t sit, or should I just beg Him to get it over with asap. In short, I don’t see me begging Him to come near my ass, so I will just be waiting patiently, til I get this text across my phone the says,
‘ on my way, be there soon babygirl’.

That day is going to be very hard not to want to run away from home,  but then Daddy being the sweet sadist He is ,would probably search for my ass til He found it and I would pay dearly for that. Guess I’m just sitting patiently and wait til He is ready…

Oh the places my mind goes…


3 thoughts on “Oh the places we’ll go

  1. Cara says:

    Corner time is a place when you’re with a sadist…the place you get sent to for asking “how does my butt look in these parts?” when you don’t have any pants on and he’s trying to read the paper (or as I call it, “ignoring me”);”Oh, you escaped from the cuffs, who are you, Hodouni…let’s see you escape from the duct tape,” is also a place sadists LOVE TO bring me. And I love to travel.

    • stacieinaz says:

      My Daddy is a sadist, I know He’s got plans, the corner would be a waste of His time!

      • Cara says:

        The “corner” I ended up in was one where I had to stand with no pants, facing the wall, while he finished reading the paper, returned some work email, and took a phone call. Roughly two hours all because “You think I’m ignoring you? I’ll show you me ignoring you, you little tease. You can have your pants back when you learn that my attention is a precious gift and not a toy you can have whenever you want”.

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