Worst thing ever…


I made this meme, yes I make many! Usually they are very well liked, I get most of it from my Daddy (things He says to me). So I guess I should give Him some credit.

So, my Daddy is like the busiest man. He works many hours. But when I have a punishment coming, He likes for them to be rough, the worst. Mind fuck to do some of His dirty work, effective.

I get it, it’s sort the way I am with my kids, minus the mind fuck, and bdsm! It’s mostly about the message, you pissed me off, so I know you won’t do it again, you’re in trouble.  You did this not me, and just saying sorry doesn’t cut it. You will be sorry. See, I understand why Daddy is the way He is. I’m worse than a kid, at times.

So, I finish this meme. And my phone let’s me know that there is a message. I had no idea that Daddy was even really paying attention,  I should really give Him more credit, sorry Daddy.

His mssg:  I just reminded Him that He had done this to me before, and it seems like a good idea again, just tweak it some.  Not so bright on my part. I am now putting ideas into His evil head. If I had just sent it at about 1am this would probably not happen. 

So now my online search is about getting out of restraints. There are magician sites,  who the hell do they think I am, Chris Angel?  Hmm not a bad idea, maybe I can learn magic in a few days, become an illusionist and get out of those restraints. Pay a little person to stay under my bed ,when Daddy is not looking the person unlocks me. Keep a knife tucked under the pillow, in a moment I can try to get it in my mouth, I’m  thinking a McGyver  move here, get lose. Jedi mindtricks!! ( this is not the babygirl you’re looking for). Do any of these ideas hold merit?? So far I’m not convinced that I’m gonna be free. I have some work to do. Now it’s on…

Here’s the bigger question, if He gives me 30 seconds again, and I could get out of the restraints,  will He really let me go? We will sit on the bed, laughing about my escape, that He stood by His word, and thought He had me, but no!  We go get food, come back watch Netflix and cuddle.then make love all night…
Lol, that doesn’t sound close to what’s probably gonna happen,  but nice thought.

Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.



3 thoughts on “Worst thing ever…

  1. littleannab says:

    Good luck….

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