The best night with Him

Oh my god… this night will be the hardest to describe. As the passion is hard to put into words, but I will try!
Sex with Daddy is always good, but this was kicked up a notch, 50 notches or more, I’d have to honestly say. Where it came from, I don’t know… but I sure experienced it.

I hadn’t seen Daddy for a few days, well to drop off some lunch, but that doesn’t really count. I was aching for some real quality time with Him, feel safe in His arms. Oh my god, He gave that to me, and so much more.

The moment we saw each other, I ran into His arms, we just melted together, you could tell we both needed to feel one another, to breathe the same air, to let go of the world, and just be together.
The touch on my skin was hot and lustful, the kisses He placed on my lips and neck , they were divine, the way He pulled me in close to His body let me know He missed me as much as I missed Him. We had to rush out the door , right after He got my house. I had to pick up my kiddos from the ex, but back home is where I really wanted to be, with Him.

Once we got back, He was hungry from a long day at work. I made Him a plate, and we just enjoyed conversation with my kids. Btw, my kids adore Daddy. It felt comfortable, easy, to just sit and have a talk between all the people that matter to me. We were laughing, telling stories, just being in the moment. It was as good as when I’m alone with Daddy, ok not as good, but a close second, I like that.

Once we had all gone our separate directions, Daddy and I adjourned to the bedroom. While we flipped through channels to see what was on. It didn’t take long for Daddy to not care. I figured He might be to tired, I wasn’t going to push for sex. Time with Daddy is priceless to me, we aren’t all about the sex. Within moments His fingers were on my clit, Daddy tugging at my shorts to get them off. Him saying, ” Don’t move”, and I didnt. I could tell He found some energy from somewhere! He started entering the body I give to Him, to do as He pleases, and He did just that. I love it when He is rough but caring, that gets me going.

Next thing I knew He had me dangling off the side of the bed, His cock in my mouth and Hitachi on my clit, while my legs were open to recieve anything He did to me. Daddy knows I hate the hitachi, which makes it so much more fun for my sweet Daddy. He kept that thing on my clit, while I was coming , over and over again, til my body just couldn’t take one more minute. He is good at direction, with all the cumming I can’t concentrate,  His words keep my mind in the moment, as each wave of pure orgasm rushes through my body. Finally enough blood raced through my brain, I was light headed. So, Daddy switched my position. This man is a thinker. He has me restrained to my bed ,for His sheer pleasure. I can’t go anywhere. My restraints are tight, but necessary to keep me from moving around. My body is losing energy, but I love how Daddy’s mind works, we had never done this position, I was excited to see the pay off , how the angles put us together, will it be painful or total pleasure. It was both actually, but completely hot! Being at Daddy’s mercy is what I like. I love it when He’s in full control of my body and my orgasms.  He knows just how to touch me to keep the orgasms flowing. I must say, that usually sex is so hot with Daddy, but He’s usually  the one worn out way before me. But not this time. This time after cumming so many times, that Hitachi wore me out, so did Daddy’s  cock! I gave 150% as I could tell my body was still wanting more of Him. I will take all He has to give.

The first bite on my neck, and I knew this was not any ordinary night. It was on. Daddy was super horny, as was I. We always seem to match the others intensity, which somehow makes it as hot as hell between us. The sweat on our bodies keeping us moist,  the cum between us dripping on skin and elsewhere. Daddy driving His cock into me so hard that, that He can take my breath away with each thrust. He keeps coming at me, I am trying my hardest to keep my energy at His level, but then He’s not the one with a Hitachi on His clit, no that was me. After what felt like hours, my legs were shaking. The muscles in my legs were just contracting. It was relentless. Even once Daddy and I collapsed on the bed, my legs were still shaking, my energy gone, I was breathing very shallow. Daddy looked to be a hot mess as well. We both were looking satisfied,  and  said;  “Wow”.  It was like we were wondering where that came from, not that either of us had anything to complain about, in that moment.

It was hard to understand what had just happened. We were both cumming over and over, so much that we didn’t care to stop, push our bodies to their limit. See what each of us could take. This time Daddy wore me out! We are eye to eye, relishing in the fact that we really do have the hottest sex. For me, Daddy is the best I’ve ever had! The look in His eyes was love and bits of lust. He reminds me how we make love. “Oh my god, that was intense Daddy”, is all that comes out of my mouth. Daddy is making sounds of agreement.  His body was doing things it doesn’t normally do, as was the case with mine too.

We are getting so much closer to one another. The more we open up to each other. The more intense ‘love making’ has become. My Daddy is the only man to give this gift to me. The feeling of pure love, unconditionally. The next feeling that sweeps through my body is how much I love Him, and how I want to do stuff like we just did,  for the rest of my life. As we were reeling from what just happened,  my body was spent, it was so intense for me that I went to sleep, right next to Daddy. He takes such good care of me, I felt loved and cared for. I could not return that favor. I was just going through the moment, hoping my body would calm down soon. Daddy just looked after me, thank you Daddy.

I love you Daddy, you gave me something wonderful, besides just ‘making love’, you gave me everything. In each moment last night, and this morning, you pour your heart into our time. You love with all you have, I can feel that.

Mmmm ,  Hmmm . I’m still feeling you all through my body, and my soul. You seemed to imprint on me last night. Thank you Daddy, just what I needed.

Now to hit the shower, get Daddy some breakfast,  get some more zzz’s, hit the gym later. It’s gonna be a great day!!

I want more of what happened tonight… a lot more!

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