I need Him, always

I brought Him lunch today, I see His beautiful blue eyes, starring at me, as if He’s taking me in. When I ask, “What?”

He just says;
” I’m just looking at you”.
The way He looks at me is if He forgot what I look like. The outline of my face, my brown eyes, the soft lips that long to kiss His.

He looks as if He wants me right then and there, only it’s not the proper thing to do. But whoever accused either of us of being proper. He let’s me know how exhausted He is, and how much He’s craving some babygirl time. That’s my job, to serve Him. And from the looks of it, He desperately needs some time. I can understand  that, I’m craving Him to.

I must say I am liking it when He let’s me serve Him , in every capacity. I get to cook for Him, I have cleaned for Him. Do His laundry. Massage His body after a long day of work. He gives back as well, He gives me a glimpse into who He ,it helps me to feel so connected to Him. He talks to me, and recently we  talk more now, more than ever. I’m not sure what changed,  but I like where we are. Then the way He makes love, omg… He leaves me breathless,  my body like jelly,  yet fully satisfied, speechless, legs shaking.

This man is the total package. I am the luckiest girl in the world! Because He chose me. He has no idea how much I need Him in my life. I may not say it, but I do hope my actions tell Him♡

I’m right where I want to be!





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