What a week…


Ok. I’m so glad it’s friday! This week is just about done. What a week.

Beginning of the week, I was kind of dropping everything. If it was in my hands, I might drop it so don’t give me anything fragile. Then I was late anywhere I went, I could start very esrly, still wind up being late. Then my Daddy was sick most of the week. My son wound up in the ER, he’s gonna be fine but in LOTS of pain. Then it seems famous people are dropping like flies.
(Lemmy, Bowie, Rickman, Angelil) and since last night there was more. Ugh, I don’t do death very well.

My son in the ER:


Everyone who died last night/today. My heart goes out to family at  this most difficult time. All of you R.I.P.




Then a power ranger killed someone?


So to the universe : enough death already, get all my favorite people healthy again, thx for sending some of that Powerball this way ( sarcasm).

I must say after the gym, I did get a nice, long ,hot, steamy shower. It was wonderful! I was no one’s mom for a while, they usually are knocking on the door, while we play 20 questions, but the world has a way of letting me know my life is to serious.  I get out of my shower and walk thru my bedroom, naked. That should be fine, til I look up ,see that my bedroom door is open, thx to my kids, I’m naked because I forgot to grab clothes first.  As I look up, my 2 boys are covering their eyes. Sorry boys, but if you need therapy,  not my fault. Like I said, what a day… I did get to see my Daddy! My favorite!! Plus last night when my child is in the ER, Daddy got me calmed down before I ever saw my son, so I could be His strength. Daddy knew I had it me! Nobody else has ever cared. Thank you Daddy♡

I know this is what my Daddy is thinking…


True, I am Daddy’s pain in the ass.

Notice I didn’t get all negative. Calling my week the worst. It wasn’t. Just keep it in perspective. A bad moment doesn’t mean my week was the worst, they are just moments. I’m just thankful it’s nearly done!

Hoping for a most wonderful week in the coming week  nothing less than great!  Not perfect, but great!



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