What I want, what I need…




I need Him, his care, His possession of my mind, body. His dominance ,that presence of His that fills the room before I ever know He’s there. To feel His touch on my skin, feel His kiss claim me. To hear His words swirl through my mind. I just want His rough hands on my silky soft skin. That look in His eye that says ‘you’re all mine’. As He bends me over to touch my ass, the sweet caress before He smacks it and leaves His mark on my body. To have Him in me, on top of me, next to me. To hear Him take that deep breath that says ‘ my woman’. To be made love to… oh my god. When He breathes me in, I go numb , I am only focused on Him, pleasing Him, having Him,being before Him. Then being cared for like only He can do. Ohhh I miss my Daddy. My body misses His touch. My mind misses the mind fuck. 

Oh I want Him, I need Him. Fuck yeah!

This babygirl loves Her sweet Daddy, so thankful He’s feeling better♡


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