I wrote you a book…

I am writing this love letter to you, my one true love. I want, what we have together, to be the greatest love story ever told. There are many things we don’t say, maybe we should. Perhaps we need to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. To know our love can stand the test of time. To know we stand ,side by side, hand in hand ,on solid ground.  This is my hearts desire, my true love’s wish. I have never had anyone who can take such control of me, one who is smarter then me, keeps me trying to find new ways to get past you. I find you exciting, intriguing, I love conversations with you, to see you can hold your own. The way you listen to me when I speak. You always show me how special I am to you. How much you love me, care about me. I enjoy your dominance over me, you give me safety in your arms, and in your presence, I need that. I was lost when you found me, and how you just seemed to know what was best for me, you got me on the path you set for me and pushed me that way. I did fight that, I needed to know that no matter how mean I could seem, how bratty I would become you would stand in front of me, being my Master, that nothing could scare you away, that nothing could make you regret your choosing me. I’m so glad you are still here, notice others couldn’t last, they were not as strong as you. I knew one day I would find the man who could handle me. Wanted to have my submission, cherished it like the finest treasure ever. As you do. There is a reason I see you as my King, because you won my full submission, and my heart that overflows with love for you.

I couldn’t be more proud of you. No, you don’t make things easy for me. You make me prove myself, make me show you the real me. It’s infuriating at times. I still want you close by when we are mad at each other. I am used to getting my way, but you never waiver, i only get to spoiled when you say. You make even more demands of me ,just when I think you are to busy to pay attention.  You are a great dad, it’s how you talk about your children, most men don’t talk this way. I respect you more because you do. I have not seen a man work harder , not in my life. Still make time for family, friends, and for me, your slave. You are so kind, giving. If someone needs you, you are there for them. Which is why I try to be there so much for you, I want to be a support in your life. The woman by your side, the one you love. I want to be your strength,  as you are mine.

I hope you never wish to go, not ever leave my side. As my heart wishes to grow old with you. To see our the kids grow up,  grandchildren grown. To be just you and me. To have and to hold from this forward. Yes, I’ve even had dreams of saying vows with you. I never saw myself doing that again,  but I know my dream did not scare me, or make me want to run away. I actually woke up smiling, all because it was you! I love that we grow closer all the time. The more we share, the more we laugh together. I don’t need anything in this world, but you. There was a hole in my heart after divorce, you made it mend somehow. Thank you.

How I see our future… us together. It will be deeper than any relationship  we have ever had with anyone, on this earth. We can tell each other anything. We get to sleep together, live together, you can be my Master full time, I get to serve you much closer. I will wait patiently for that day. There is no where I would rather be, only by your side.

I love that you have bonded with my children. I love that soon we will have 9 months together, I don’t need to count each month, as I don’t want it to end.

I want to go through everything with you. The good, the bad, the ugly parts of life. With the strength of ‘us’, we will get through it all together. Sickness, health, til death parts us.

Thank you for finding me, my love. I adore you my Daddy, I serve you my Master, I worship you my King. You have my heart, my whole heart, please handle it with care, as you always do. I wish for us to keep getting closer, grow together more, feel even more deeply connected, share more memories. End our pink past, let it just be the two of us under a blue moon, checking out the stars. If you find the one I wish upon, make a wish yourself. I hope this writing helps you feel loved, secure, honored, and cared for. 



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