I love Him, and respect Him more each day. And Here’s why!

My Daddy has been sick. Now that He’s feeling better. He’s trying to get back on track with everything that He had put on hold while sick. That includes me. So the fact that I’m missing Him, is an understatement.  I shall explain…

I’m a babygirl,  that means I miss my Daddy, but the bigger picture here is that I’m a slave who misses her Master. Granted we are two people in a real relationship as well, but we have chosen to put vanilla and M/s next to each other. Make one as important as the other. My babygirl bratty side kicked in, each time Daddy said He was trying to make time for me, and it fell through, the bratty level raised higher. So I see my brattiness as being fair. He didn’t see that way, I felt i should be allowed to be a brat. I even went another direction, bring out my babygirl side, be sweet but sexy, loving but yummy. Make Daddy sweat that He kept having to cancel on me, His sweet babygirl. 

Only thing I forgot… yeah I didn’t look at the whole picture, damn I have my moments. Kudos to Daddy, He’s smarter than me! I forgot I’m His slave first. He loves my babygirl side, she’s allowed out if I can behave, and follow my Masters rules for me. Behave how He sets for me, do as commanded. I am not my own person any longer, not since submitting to Him. I am His slave. I forgot. He always catches it before I do. I really gotta be more on the ball here.

So, I tried hard to get my way. It never happened.  Here’s my memes , that I made, to try to get my way. From the babygirl standpoint they are fine… As a babygirl  we behave how we want.



From a slave point of view. I pushed Him to far. He stood up to me, so to say. I know what He’s like. He won’t respond, unless necessary. He won’t see me, til He’s ready. He won’t let me play, til He knows the balance is back. Once He didn’t respond my babygirl side wanted to hold her breath, not play with Him, not talk to Him til He made me important again.

Yet He spent the weekend telling me I was important,  on His mind, that He loves me. He’s a very good man, He’s a fantastic Master, a great Daddy. But honestly, if He let the babygirl rule our relationship, I would know how to work Him, wrap Him around my finger, get my way.  Granted I am spoiled, but it’s different. The Master in Him knew I would respond, see where my error was, and back track. Put Him first again. Stop demanding my way, show Master the respect He deserves, cuz Daddy wasn’t getting any. So, was He right in His response to me? Hell yeah. I have to give it to Him. Everytime I think He’s not paying attention,  or misses me something fierce, the babygirl wants to have her way, and play. But the slave should really take over, but I dont let her. In this case, if you truly understand M/s, then ou will understand why i have more respect and love for Him each time He puts me in my place, even silently.

He is the Master I crave. He is the Master I adore. He is the Master I want in my life, always. He is the Master who teaches me, guides me, disciplines me.


Once I knew I couldn’t get my way, I knew it was hard for Him to make the choice to not see me. I know when He tells me He misses me, He is honest about that.  I miss Him too. For Him to see my babygirl side and stand up to that, was hard for Him, He likes compliance,  He expects it, but my slave side didn’t win today. Well, she did later today! Once I knew I wasn’t getting my way! I did smile to myself, and say;
“Damn, I love this man”

And I do. With everything in me, I do. I love being His. I love how He controls me. I love how He asserts His dominance over me. I love how He chooses to guide and teach me. I love how He loves me. I am fully His, even when I screw up. I will kneel before Him, always, as long as He owns me. I only hope that it’s forever, for I am truly a happy slave to my Master, I’m just a babygirl who misses her Daddy too. The two sides of me, don’t always see, eye to eye. I think He see’s that. I know He see’s the fight in me, but He never breaks that in me, I do believe He wants me to make this decision on my own. And please Him. He pushes for the slave in me to be the one in charge. He will know when I am fully trained to His liking. I want to be trained by Him, collared by Him, adored by Him, loved by Him. I am His, always His.

I love you Daddy, I apologize Master for forgetting my place, next to you not above you. You are my world, my life, my love Sir.







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