Dinner, Helen Keller, and some intimate time with Him.

Tonight I got time with my Daddy. From the moment He came through the door, I was drawn to Him, His presence is so strong, I can feel Him all through my body, this energy between us. It’s unexplainable, but it’s so powerful. It’s been there since the day we met, and it’s only gotten stronger. I get to breathe the same air as Him. Kiss Him, His embrace. I finally felt my other half ws with me, I was whole.

Dinner was still cooking, so Daddy and I made a quick escape into my bedroom, and had some grown up bonding time! Alright, we made love, it was a quickie, but Damn… my Daddy knows how to make even a quickie just hot as hell. He had me show Him my body, Master does inspect His property! He seemed pleased, as He started to caress my body, and enter it from behind, so hot. Daddy knows how to get me going, and I’m asking to cum! I keep cumming, then Daddy is cumming. Once we are done I turn over ,onto my back, I see Daddys cock is dripping with ‘our’ cum. So, I figure, ‘waste not, want not. I decide to clean Daddys cock off with my tongue, gently putting His cock in my mouth. It’s my job to clean up Daddy.  Daddy seems pleased with that as well, but I like cleaning Him off with my tongue!

Once we return to the kitchen, my children are quick to respond. They really like Daddy, they all seem to be laughing, swapping stories. As Daddy is talking ,He asks us a question, this is where I have one of my blonde moments, literally.  I can see the girls’ name in my mind, yet I go ahead and say something different, I actually yell out, ‘Helen Keller’. Everyone looks at me, even I knew it was wrong. We laughed so hard, I think we all had tears. The one thing I love about my Daddy, is that He knows i can laugh at myself, and I don’t mind Him laughing at the crazy stuff, as long as I know He doesnt think I’m stupid, or treat me accordingly.  He doesn’t, in fact, Daddy said He just needed a good laugh.  We all did, I’m the comic relief in my family. I think I am?!

As the night went on, I knew i really enjoy being with my Daddy. We have similar pasts. Even though not ideal, neither of us live in the past. Neither one of is overly negative, we have few moments. We both take our own lives in our hands,  rather than let the past dictate who we are, or how we will do our lives. I see both of us as very strong people. Maybe that’s what I have always looked for ,someone who is smart, but has a past but doesn’t live there. A person who has plans for their life. Wants to live each day. That’s exactly how I felt in that moment when Daddy was talking about His past.  He is someone who really can understand me. We may have come from broken people, but we are NOT broken.

Daddy and I seem to be in a new place in our relationship,  it’s really good. I know Daddy goes a bit slow ,cuz He knows I go slow. I’m trying to learn to go faster, for Daddy. He’s been so patient with me, I want Him to know how much I love Him, I want Daddy to see me growing. I love being His !  I did have a great time with Him. I hope we get to do it again, soon.



♡ babygirl


3 thoughts on “Dinner, Helen Keller, and some intimate time with Him.

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    Oh lovely – i love reading this.

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