The way to become a properly trained slave.

This lifestyle was about grace, beauty, elegance, etiquette. When you saw a properly trained slave you knew it. Those days seem long gone. But it can still be achievable to have the perfect slave, but only if you understand the training that a true Master will go through, and a true slave that desires to be His properly trained slave. Believe me, if you have entered the lifestyle I the last few years, you ain’t seen nothing like this.

( for this writing I’m using the term ‘slave’, in the lifestyle when you start training you are actually spoken to in third person, as you have not actually earned the title of ‘slave ‘ yet. Slave is for either male or female, by I write in female term only).

A short history, the lifestyle has always been about etiquette. It’s about gentlemen and ladies. It was never about sex, that only happened after proper training, and if the two wished to be together. Back then, the training of a slave NEVER involved sex. It was most unheard of. As far as titles, there were none given until one proved themself, then it was bestowed upon the person. It meant years of training that the Master went through to earn the title and respect of the community. A slave must earn that title as well. Nowadays the lifestyle has many titles, they are given out before any training has ever happened. Things that used to be held important in the lifestyle, such as, manners, etiquette,  we’re expected,  but this is not the case any longer.  A slave or a sub cm be quite disrespectful to any dominant she see’s fit to deal with. That would have never been allowed. You would have told Master, He would have dealt with each situation as He saw fit.  Back then, we were all monogamous, not any longer, it’s more of booty call lifestyle. No real commitment on either part. If you find it ,hold on to that, for it is rare now. If you can find a true Master, or a true slave, these are rare as well.

I will be writing of my own training 20 yrs ago. It was beautiful,simple, and elegant, truly respected. I have found it again with my current Master, but it took years. Just a word about what you will be reading, these statements are how training used to be, but in my strong opinion should still be. These statements are in no particular order. If at anytime you have a problem with how bdsm training is, hold that thought, I don’t really care if you wish to trash the lifestyle or give your opinions of how it is now. This is how I have been trained in the past, how many of us were trained. So, really before you speak or write your thoughts to me, remember you are a product of your own training, how you display yourself looks either good or bad for your Master. No my Master will not be hurt by the words I just expressed,  they are directed at subs and slaves. All dominants please feel free to add anything here. I’m sure my Master will be paying attention. 

1. Master will teach His slave how He wants slave to present self to the world physically. Hair/makeup/clothing. slave will listen and learn what Master wants. This will make Master happy.

2. There is an awareness everyday, somewhere along the line, slave surrendered the one thing slave valued most… slaves escape route. slave finally admitted that she needs a Master to be complete. She accepted her vulnerability of this admission, for she knows there is no other place slave would rather be ,then kneeling at Mastrs’ feet.

3. Masters job is to remove all negative thought, fear, speech from slave. That is pleasing to Him. He will make slave realize that slaves mind is a liar, that slaves mind is self destructive,  Master will not let slave stay in that kind of thinking. The slave will learn to think as Master says, and do what slave is told. Therefore Master must know slaves thoughts. Master will not accept anything to stay in her that undoes His training, as she is His property. slave is only allowed to speak and think as Master allows. Master will let slave know that her mind will obey Him, learn to do as its taught without hesitation. Master will help this become automatic.

4. Master will train slave to be sexy, sendual, and beautiful for Him, from the inside out. Master will force slave to eat how He wants, exercise, create grace,poise, and beauty. He will train His slave how to think His way, til she can do this on command for herself.

5. Master will break slave of all her own control over herself til she’s fully His.
Master must break His slave and rebuild her to make slave exactly as He desires.

6. slave will get to the point that she craves to be perfect for Him. That one touch from Him ( non sexual) can make her feel whole.

7. True and deep discipline can happen without a single touch from Master.

8. Master will perfect the image of you, that He see’s, by showing you the true beauty He sees in you. This will be one of Masters goals as He is creating the perfect slave in you.

9. A Master training His slave is a precise art, must be perfect, and beautiful. Every angle of the slaves beauty,  each actin so the slave is willing o submit each day, every thought is His to command.

10. Master will feels slaves intensity as she becomes closer to Him. Master will sense in her when she feels danger, or tension.  He will take command and show her she is safe while with Him. Master will know when slave feels degradation, submission, or freedom. He will guide slave through all, and know how to use or protect each thing she feels. To be trained like this requires a deep connection ( nothing to do with sex) from both Master and slave. He will always be guiding her mind and being.

11. Master will train slave so well ,and with such intensity that slave can be completely in bliss, in the middle of an area, naked and exposed, with a quiet mind, waiting for Masters orders. It is then that she is truly broken and completely owed. slave is set free from everything.( this doesn’t mean to put slave in harms way legally)no true Master would do that.

12. Master will train His slave to have poise, elegance, and beauty. The idea that slave is allowed her own time, or to be lazy, is gone. Her time is Masters time now. If she would require downtime that will be with Masters permission only. True training will show slave how to present self for Master, whether for inspection , out in public, dungeon, dinner with friends.  He will teach you how to be, slave will implement what’s taught. Master will be most proud when this is executed perfectly, and slave will be proud cuz Master is most happy, and slave is happy with self. Refinement.

13. In training nothing else matters but next command, so learn to quiet the mind. ( Master will test o this, mine does). Master will have total command. This is Masters task, this is His job, He knew this going in. When He’s done  with you, you are His prized possession. This is how a true slave is created. It’s about grace and beauty. Master will choose the slave He feels is worthy.

14. When the slave has developed a deep connection to Master.  slave will begin training. She will do anything He asks, or wants, or commands. The slaves mind should be ready to accept
every command and apply all of slaves intelligence  and creativity unto becoming what slaves is guided to become. This is between Master and slave, there is where true beauty of M/s is.
15. Master will train slave to be thankful for training, so slave will eventually see her beauty. Master will make slave see what that really means. Master will keep working on the slaves mind, this is slaves natural enemy. Slaves own thoughts are why Master takes over. Slave will be tired of hurting herself, from her own mind. Slaves mind will  finally crave what it can’t believe. Slave will finally be thankful,  Master will break slaves own mind, so she can see and live as a most treasured possession and powerful dlave, the slave she dares to become. Master will allow this, it is the whole point of Training.  Master will be proud, as He has to try to bridle her screaming mind.  Master can tell when the mind is broken. 

My Master and I did not start off as M/s. We graduated to it, it felt like a natural pull for us. Even now it feels right for us. This writing has nothing to do with gorean lifestyle,  totally different then Master/slave. This has not included rules Master will give you,etiquette,  and struture, or positions. Collaring is not even part of training unless a Master requires a training collar to be worn, as they are good at helping keep mind on Master. Each Master will choose for themselves.


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    When I read this my whole body just say WOW!!! So powerful and touching that I had to share.

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    How to become a properly trained slave in the past…lessons for today

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    There are many things to learn from this post. Thank you!

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