My Master, His slave

As I got a big response on my last writing, I’m guessing I should hit on my own life as a slave, with the Master I have now.

My Master is a very good Master, a very good man. I guess the question is : how did I know I want to submit to Him. For me, it’s not looks. Looks are noce, but that won’t make a relationship. It was His demeanor, He was always a gentleman. I liked how He spoke about the lifestyle and His point of view on finding His slave, training, owning. We had much in common. But beyond that… He is very smart, cunning, clever, and is always 2 steps ahead of me, so let’s drop intriguing in here too. I have not found many men that don’t just bore the hell out of me, but He keeps me thinking. I have to really try to get something past Him. This I seriously found to be sexy as hell. I finally found someone smarter than me. That has not happened often, if at all. I need conversation,  someone quick witted, great sense of humor, but can also be charming,  command attention from the room. He is all this ,and then some. He surprises me sometimes, I like that.  When a man can get a hold of my mind, my soul, my thoughts, He can have my body, it’s His for the taking. My Master, I swear He can read my mind. He has taken the time to really get to know me, how my moods change, how I think, how I’m feeling. See, I have a whole list of my respect for my Master, and none of it was about sex. If you read my writings then you know we connect quite well in that area too. But even if He never laid a hand on my body, He got my attention in many other ways, and more importantly kept my attention. I have an immense respect for my Master. It is a privilege and an honor to be His slave. I don’t take it lightly, I just never thought there would be any man that would ever get me to go back to how I started, a slave. He did. I wanted to, for Him. Plus I think at one point, I didn’t get a vote,  it was thrust upon me. I was fighting it so much, even as far as to go to my friends and gripe about it. Most agreed I wasn’t a slave any longer, but this did not stop my Master.

This seemed like a fight to the death, death of the sub in me. He stopped the brat in her tracks, and demanded that the babygirl take a backseat ,not center stage. The slave was to rein here, and do as Master says. It started to change months after us being together. I didn’t really see it coming either. I fought it, but after I started to hear Him, I wondered why He was doing this. I did blog about how much I fought Him on this. He is smarter than me. Soon enough He got His way too. Here I am, almost 9 months together, I am my Masters slave. I am loving it, there are days I still have the old me creep back in, but He quickly puts that straight.

I have my rules, there are many of the. All are for me to grow as a person, and to show reverence for my Master. Some are harder to follow, but I have given Him my submission,  so no matter what I follow them. When there has been an infraction I tell Him. I don’t like guilt. He has worked at making my thoughts, His thoughts. Seeing myself as His kind of beautiful,  how my Master see’s me. I don’t dare tell Him that He’s wrong. He tells me to change,  I say ‘ Yes Sir’.

My Master approves what I wear. My closet has no slutty clothing I it, unless Master agree I could keep, but it is strictly worn only for Him. My make up and hair have never seemed to be an issue,  unless I want to color, or trim my hair. Then my Master is on that, it will be His way, and only His way. My home stays clean, I must cook, my kids are important,  so is Master. What He says, is to be followed, without question, and quickly as I can.

I have lost my vanilla friends over the lifestyle,  but I know for me, I must remain true to myself. I can’t handle the thought of being with a vanilla guy, Master and i have our vanilla sides, but we live the lifestyle 24/7. So, I know it’s always on. There have been days when I need a day off.  Just to let the slave in me  have a small break. I really needed it at first, but now, not so much. I am not fighting it anymore. I want what He wants for me, for us. As my Master, He sees the bigger picture. He guides me, teaches me. I have no reason. I think every Master knows that any person, even a slave will want to question things. But as a slave , we aren’t to question. We are to choose grace, dignity, follow Masters commands. As questioning seems to any Master, as we have no faith in them. There will be times, when slaves do need more information,  or guidance. A true Master will know if you need to stretch your faith in them, or need clarification.  Masters know you always retain the right to back away, so do they. But it’s that you to the point that you just know you are not going to need any out. You are where you belong.

My Master always has me eating right
I am to go to the gym each day. Master picked the timeframe. I must show a picture that I am there, and when I leave. The fact that He can look at my body to see if I’m really doing a workout, should be the proof that I do the workout. I am not allowed certain foods, or drinks without asking first. Wherever I go, I must check in with my Master,  I wear a slave day collar when leaving my
home. I send Him a text when I’m home. While Master is at work during the day, I don’t call unless it’s a big deal,  or need Him now, not for idle conversation.  I ask my Master for permission about many things, as I am told to do. Master has full control,  so I am not allowed to just do as I wish.

My Master likes that I write, He reads everything. If Master doesn’t like something,  I will hear about it.

I like to spend time with friends, I’m allowed only friends that Master approves of. I can go places, have fun, but Master will know where I am, and who I’m with at all times.

When Master and I are together, I am still His slave, only Master will let me know when I’m in full slave mode, or I can relax. If my kids are around we are very vanilla. When it’s just us, not so vanilla. He is Master, I’m His willing slave. I cook for Him, do His laundry, take care of my Master in any capacity as He says. He has His side of the bed, I’m allowed to sleep in bed, near Him. Sex is as Master wants. Discipline is swift and can be severe, as my Master is a sadist and my bratty babygirl side pissed Him off at will.  He lectures how disappointed He is in me. The babygirl hears that, but just wants to act like a sex kitten. When the slave hears that, I’m drawn to tears. It’s not something a slave wants to hear. When I get insecure, He will let me talk about it, He always knows what to say to get me back on track.

As I now see my babygirl side, it’s selfish. Babygirls want their way, no matter what. Babygirls can get disrespectful,  and Daddys are not in charge til babygirls give up. It’s a constant battle of wills. As I become more and more slave, I see babygirls as a real pain in the ass. I think Daddy/Master is right to rein this in too. We are always wanting our way, we give not much thought to the Daddys we have in our lives. Then we wonder why there’s such an imbalance in this lifestyle,  it might be able to be figured out. So I am only a babygirl when I can really my Master, and I can tell He’s fine with it.

There isn’t a part of my life that Master doesn’t have. I belong to Him. I submit to Him. In that there is freedom. Master and I plan on being together a long time. I am very happy, this is what I want.

Thank you Master, I love you Daddy♡













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