To infinity and beyond…

I had some time with my Daddy tonight! I love that even as busy as He is, He’s able to show me that I’m on His mind. He knows just how to make me feel so important and wanted, I can let ‘All’ my insecurities go. Tomorrow I get a date night with Daddy,  so excited!!!!!

So, for this writing I figure we will hit on rules, structure, collaring. As I am my Masters slave, I can only tell of my own experiences,  and how I am as my Masters slave. Let’s begin. First off, I am very proud to be His slave. Of all the women in the world, in our lifestyle,  My Master picked me. There is no way to describe that feeling of being worthy, of such a great Master, but I am so happy.

Rules:I have many rules that my Master has given me. They are to help me be the best slave ,for Him. They are to be followed, at all times, no questions asked. There is rule review when Master says.

slaves rules:


I have broken some rules before, but I will go to my Master, sort of turn myself in. My rules are to help me grow into the slave He wants me to be. When I have broken a rule He is prompt to take care of it. *To break a rule on purpose show’s any Master such disrespect* 

I couldn’t handle that kind of weight on my shoulders, if He felt that I would break my rules on purpose. I couldn’t handle that. I adore my Master, I cherish being His. That would hurt Him. Then I also have a bratty side to me, so when that part of me is out of control, it does hurt Daddy, which in turn hurts me.

Collaring: This is kind of different for me. Yes I have been in the lifestyle for quite sometime,  but I have not let anyone collar me ,as of yet. I had told myself years ago that I would not let any Master collar me til I found the right one. I only want to do this once. Since I have waited this long, you can tell this is important to me to get it right.  I feel very strongly that I have the right Master. So it will be in His perfect time when or if He feels it should happen. We have spoken about it briefly. Master is the one in charge. I trust His judgment. With training, rules, structure and protocols. I think Masters have their hands full. I have so much respect for my Master.  He’s got time for me, time for His children, works full time crazy hours. Take time out for friends and family. My Master is a very busy man. How He does it all… I don’t know,  I just feel lucky that He wants me in His life, and loves me so much.

You will be trained to please your Master. Everything you say or do, is because Master taught it to you.

As I mentioned esrlier, Master and I are going on a date. So by protocol and structure. I know what’s expected of me. I will address Him properly. I don’t make eye contact with other men. I will dress how He approves.  When ordering food, I tell Master what I want to eat.  I might ask permission for something I don’t get very often, I wait for His answer. I let Master order for me. I don’t start any idle conversation with Master, As He is not my girlfriend.  I wait for Him to speak first, then I respond appropriately. I must ask to use my phone ( I have kids, so I need to check my phone). When Master and I are walking, I wait for Him to let me know ,in a subtle way of course, if I’m allowed to walk side by side with Him, or does He prefer me to walk 2 steps behind Him. It will always be how He says.

These are the kind of things slaves learn in training.  How to be respectful,  show how much Master means to you.
When my Master comes to see me, I must be in proper position, to present myself before Him.

* so this is the life I have chosen. I am happy. I feel very loved by my Master.  I love Him as well too. I want a long time with Him, I get excited over that thought. But it will take small steps to get there!*

Thank you Master for allowing me to write about our life. I hope we last as long as infinity and beyond!



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