He has more and more rules, oh no…


I’m not sure what happened recently,but I have had rules for quite sometime now. Maybe i lost a bet? But I think He stays up at night coming up with new rules to see if i will abide by them, or fight. How do I keep them all straight?  I’m supposed to write them all down? Sure

So now it seems recently I had to downsize my closet. I did it. Without question, but inside I’m dying to know why He cared about my closet. Why was this required. But now to be able to shop, He is requiring I do it smarter. I don’t even want to know what that means, maybe someday…

He took all pop away,  no pepsi. I could have cried. No chocolate,  this is just sacrilegious,  plus that time of the month I would sell my soul to the devil for even a drop of chocolate.  Daddy has never had a period, He has no idea how calming the chocolate is to me, is more than a craving then. It’s just wrong. But I abide by this rule, but I’m mean to everyone cuz of the no chocolate,  (my kids have secretly met, planned a coup for my next period. tie me up and shove the chocolate down my throat, so I will be pleasant again. It’s that important that time of the month…  women understand this…

No revealing clothes. I have big boobs so nothing showing cleavage. Which means just shirts covering it all up, most cling to my boobs. But I guess it’s better than how awful this could be. I could be dressing like women from the middle east. Shit, now I gave Him ideas, that might be our next shopping trip. 

I broke out in a rash to my slave day collars.  I can’t have nickel. So I have to wear sterling silver jewelry.  Which is fine, but I have made my own. I like this, it’s a fun activity. I just either have to buy them or make them I’m sure He will decide.

I have to go to the gym everyday. I hate the gym. But I do go. I usually get one day off a week. It’s not enough! Lol. It’s just so boring at the gym, same equipment,  same workout. Day after day. Plz don’t tell me to change it up, I have ,it’s still all the same shit day After day. I do my best, I give it my all. Hell, Daddy is not stupid, not even a little. He’s gonna notice if I don’t get more fit. The diet part was hard. I tried several. Protein works best for me, cuz I hate to eat. It’s pretty easy to stick to. But now I have to eat, several times a day. Its awful, all I do is worry that all that food will make me fat. Trying my hardest.

He recently has been giving me warnings about spending money, and asking for junk food. I didn’t think it was that often til scrolled thru my mssgs to Daddy. Three days in a row, not good. I asked for junk food and spend money. But eating healthy is hard, and so is not spending. 

In November ,He took all my rights away. If I was going to be a bratty babygirl then He was done being nice. He took my right to ask Him questions,  only when He feels it’s important.  I lost my right to just start my day without permission.  I think I’m not even allowed to vote either:)   I know the constitution gives me unalienable rights. But I’m thinking  He is still going to infringe upon them. Our life is not I a free America,  it’s about ownership of His slave. It really a dictatorship as well.

Things I’m allowed to do:
Clean the house
Do Laundry
Take care of the kids
Watch TV
Take showers
Cook several meals a day
Do dishes or trash, or both
Clean Daddy’s house
Have sex with DADDY
… I think that might be all…

Yes I am a slave, I’m used to rules. But I get stir crazy staying at home all the time. It’s not easy, but being His is worth it. I’m sure He see’s  who He wants me to be. I hope I make Him proud, with each thing I do. I really do my best, even if I hate some things. I do love my Daddy, so I will behave ,do as I’m told. How many more rules will there be. Could He go easy with them, since the brat in me, that I trying so hard to get rid of, cuz Daddy hates that, wants to rebel, break all the rules. It won’t go good. I must keep the brat in me locked up tight. I know if I gave into that brat part of me, I would regret it. Who knows, maybe with getting the brat user control I won’t be in trouble anymore?? What Daddy doesn’t know is that the good kind of spankings keep me grounded, level headed, destressed, doing good with no brat. But I would need maintenance on that. He hits hard, think I will just take my chances with keeping the brat at bay.

No more rules/No more rules/No more rules. ( I hear you babygirls chanting with me) I need the support! Thx

-His babygirl♡


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