He knows

I pull onto the parking lot, send Him a quick text so He knows I’m there. As I’m looking around for which direction he will come from. He appears between 2 vehicles, walking my way, our eyes meet. I am looking Him up and down. Damn, I like what I see.  My mind  wanders as He’s walking to me, I know what He looks like clothed or naked,  fuck, He’s so hot, and he’s as much mine, as I am His.

Once we are close enough, we fall into each other, His scent, the feel of him on my skin, the taste of his kiss, the look in His eyes. I want him right then and there. My craving is always the same, I want Him now! He pulls back and is looking at me. I want to know what he’s thinking, but he just stares at me, like he’s taking me in, studying me, my moves. He will be the wild beast I know he is, pounce on me right there. I promise I won’t resist. I will do as you say. I will obey my Master,  just command me and it shall be done. My devotion to you, is matched by the honor it is to serve you. Let me serve in this moment. Please us both Sir.

Only you show restraint, I’m not strong, it’s like the vampire who needs her fix once she’s had a taste. One taste of you isn’t enough. I need you. Fill me Sir with your sweet nectar, I need you still. My craving goes very deep. You are the only one I want, I need you soon. My Sir, my Daddy, My Master, My King… grant my wish, for time with you. I will promise to serve as your faithful slave, I want you to be able to look upon me, beam with pride, as you know I’m the only woman you allow to tempt you. I need you now Master.

As you lay me down, your commands obeyed to the fullest. I need to breathe, but you took my breath away with your love. I need to touch you, but you restrained me and I can’t move Sir.  I need to cum, but I’m trying to ask but the words fail me for the moment. I need you to let me cum, over and over, while you watch my body writhe in ecstasy from you taking what’s yours. He knows what’s His, He’s always known…



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