Feel like making love…

Ok. Now i have bad company in my head. What happens between the two of us, our souls intertwine, I can hardly breathe. His scent makes me moan, my body starts to quiver, I know I can’t hold back much longer.  But He’s my Master, and I cannot do as I wish. Even if I’m wanting to ravish His body, I’m sure He’d stop me.

We enter the bedroom, He wants a movie on, He’s hungry for food and me. We both undress ,showing skin. He picks a movie, puts it on. Takes one bite of food, He says, ” Fuck the food, I want my woman.” He starts to ravage my body that belongs to Him. I can feel Him pulling at my lacey panties , as His other hand parts my legs, and pushes them open. He’s got me wide open for Him, and puts His fingers in me, oh my god, my body was already going,  but that was just so fucking hot. I love when He takes what He wants. The way His breath was on my neck makes me horny as fuck. I want Him so badly. Once He knows I’m ready to go, He’s on top of me, and inside. Oh fuuuck, I needed that.  My body has missed His touch so much. Once my mind starts the usual thoughts, I’m ready to cum. My thoughts take over,  ‘ Damn, I love this man’ .

I asked to cum , Daddy gives me permission. My body starts shaking and pushing into Him, as the orgasms start to flow. One after another. Fuuccckk He knows how to make me feel so good, and get me cumming so hard. Fuck He’s good at making me beg to cum. I can’t resist Him, I need Him. Inside of my body,my mind, my heart. He makes this feeling come over me, I feel so alive , connected to Him. Which makes me cum harder. I can’t cum fast enough, hard enough. My mind can feel Him in every thought I have. I love this man. I want this man. I so need this man, I call Him Daddy,  or Master, but how to put into words what He really means to me, nearly impossible.

With all these emotions,  and my body wanting Him so much, I need to cum yet again. He’s silent for the moment, then gives the command, “cum for me now”.
That is not a problem. My body is cumming hard again, and I’m pumping my hips to meet His cock, He’s in even further. Oh fuck… I’m moaning, Daddys moaning.  So fucking hot. We both cum at about the same time. Daddy looks right at me and says,
“Babygirl you milked Daddy’s  cock with just Daddy’s pussy, that was so hot”.  To my knowledge this was nothing special,  but to Daddy,  well He likes that I have muscle control of my tight pussy, even after 4 kids. That was work, kegels. I love that something that seems easy for me to do, can get Him off. That is my reward. Just like when He needs a blowjob, everytime I want Him to cum in my mouth, He seems surprised. I never understand,  that is my reward from Daddy too. I did the work, I like the pay off. To get to have His cum inside me, or in my mouth. To taste Him. To know He’s mine, I’m His. Is there anything better?  Not to me.

Sex with my Daddy, well it’s always so hot. We don’t plan anything,  we just like to fuck,  sorry Daddy, i mean make love, and often as we can. When we are together it’s just a connection on every level, for me. I need that, I’ve never  had that with anyone,ever. It’s how I know that what I have with Daddy is real. I plan on doing this forever with Him. We will be making love like this for a very long time. And it just gets better and better.

I ♡ U Daddy!

-Daddys babygirl


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