Kittens in trouble, Sir has a lesson to teach

As kitten has been given instructions on how to plz her Sir, she realizes that he failed to give her a timeframe in which to have it all done by. So kitten takes her time. Something that could have taken a day or two. She took several weeks on. She figured if Sir got mad, she would respectfully point that he was the one who failed to give a timeframe. She felt happy with herself that she got it done, even if it wasn’t faster.

Sir had told her that she was heading for trouble, that just because his job took him out of town so often, didn’t mean that she should take advantage.  Sir had noticed that she was being disrespectful and bratty, that it needed to be nipped in the bud now, or kitten may get worse.

Kitten didn’t really heed Sir’s warning. She went along in her day, doing as she pleased. Sir would call her, but kitten had turned off her phone. Kitten was expected to go to the gym nearly everyday, but she had been slacking in this too. She had been forgetting her place.

Sir had finally got kitten on the phone, he made plans with her for a weekend together. There was a cabin he would renting, and they could have some alone  time.

Sir got off work early for a Friday afternoon, texted kitten that she needed to be ready and would there in about an hour. Kitten texted right back, she was so excited to have Sir for a whole weekend all to herself.  She packed quickly.

Once her Sir arrived, kitten was ready to go. She was talking about all the things they would do on their weekend trip. Still not getting a clue that Sir had not even said one word, he just picked up her bags and put them in the car. Opened kittens door, as she slid in and off they went. This cabin was about a  two hour drive, kitten would normally be tired, but she was already bored from the drive. She was turning the radio to any station that had decent music, but further up into the mountains they got, the less stations there were, so kitten was unhappy, and even more bored. Suddenly out in the woods didn’t sound so good to her. The more she griped, the more Sir was quiet, and patiently listened to her spoiled ass complain. Kitten still had no idea what was in store for her.

To the cabin at last. Sir got out of the car, and went around to open kittens door, she was already complaining about the cold, there was some snow on the ground. Sir grabbed the bags from the car, and they headed into the cabin. He told kitten to go freshen up, put on something sexy, kitten tried to argue, but Sir stood their with arms folded,  and a stern look. So, kitten went to do as she was told.

Once changed, Sir took her by the wrist and put her in restraints.

“Kitten sit your spoiled ass down now”

Kitten was so upset

“Well babygirl,  are you ready to behave yourself?” Sir asked. But kitten was so mad, she didn’t say one word to him. Well now your quiet. You will get on your knees and give your Sir a blowjob. Make it good kitten. I’m very angry with you.”

Kitten was on her knees within seconds, Sir undid his zipper. Kitten started sucking on his cock like she had never done before. She heard the tone to his voice. She wasn’t sure what was in store for her. But she knew complying was her only way out of trouble, if there was such a thing. Sir grabbed her by the hair and looked into her eyes, and said,

“If I feel one tooth, just one, I will stop you and then beat your ass til it’s black and blue. Then you Wil start again, are we clear kitten?”

Kitten shook her head yes. He was very angry. He had never spoken to her like that before. She was caught off guard, and didn’t know just how to figure him out this moment. 

“When you decide to treat me with respect, we can move to the next punishment”,  he explained how she had earned this one.

Kitten was quiet, she didn’t admit to being at fault, nor did she apologize. Sir was waiting for her reaction.

“Get back to sucking my cock kitten”

Kitten complied. Right now was not the time to try to get her way,  or even argue. She wasn’t even sure he would allow her to speak freely,  as of right this moment he was judge and jury, and she had been found guilty.

Once he was ready to cum, he let her know he was cumming, her usual thing was to get out of swallowing, but not today.  Sir pushed her head down further on his cock, and came. He was moaning loudly, as he knew she hated what he just did to her. Once he was done he let her up.

“Did you swallow all of it like a good girl?”

Kitten shook her head yes.

“Good girl, now get naked and get on the bed, now”.

“Yes Sir” her only reply

She was on the bed naked. She had no idea what was going to happen.

“Well, kitten this is your lucky day, your Sir is hard again. ”

He had her on the edge of the bed, head just slightly over the edge. It ws a good position for Sir to get his cock down her throat.

“Open your mouth kitten, and still no teeth”

She did as she was told. Her mouth open, ready to take Sir again. This time he added a game.

“Kitten let’s play a game. While I throat fuck you, I’m going to make sure your legs stay open and I will put the hitachi on your clit. You better keep sucking my cock like a good girl the whole time, if I’m not happy, you earn yourself a spanking. Get that look off your face. You earned all this and more. You are lucky I’m going easy on you.”

So kitten started sucking Sirs cock. Trying to do a good job and please him. Once she started ,he put that damn hitachi right on her clit. She tried hard to focus. She needed to cum and it was not going to be easy to ask for with his cock in her mouth. She got the words out, he knew what she wanted.

“No kitten, you can’t cum yet,  when I feel your ready I might let you, you are doing a good job, but let’s see you go wild”

Sir hit the button on the hitachi ,it went to high speed.  She was worse than before, Sir was moving his cock and thrusting it down her throat,  she was trying her best. But that toy was getting the best of her. Her body moving all over, she even close her legs, thinking she’d get a small break, he shoved her legs open again,  he didn’t seem happy about it.

She was trying to ask again if she could cum, but Sir was ignoring her, the way she had done to him. She was getting no where. Her body was writhing in heat,  she needed him to stop, give her clit and throat a small break.

“Keep going kitten, I almost there again”

As she sucked her hardest ,she was trying to show him that she was doing her best.  Sir saw the tears in her eyes but he had enough of her attitude. So he didn’t pay attention to that in the least. 

“I’m cumming kitten, you can cum too”

She so needed that sweet release.  She was trying to focus on his cock and cumming, she knew to wait til she felt Him cum ,then she could. They both came at the same time. It was actually very hot for them both. Once he was done, he turned off the hitachi, pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Good girl kitten, now turn over”

She did as she was told. He pulled her legs over the side of  the bed, so she was bent forward. He went to the ‘toy box’ to get 2 toys. First was her butt plug, second was a paddle. He inserted the butt plug and started swatting her ass.

“You have 10 coming kitten, I think that’s fair for now. Don’t move, don’t make a sound, if you comply that will be enough for tonight, if you don’t listen it will double. ”

She looked at him, she had not seen him be this unfair, ever. He usually gave reason (s) why she was in trouble, he said nothing. She complied, but now she was getting more upset with him. Was this going to all for the night? Sir was nearly done with her ass, she held still, kept sounds low, but now she was crying. 

Once he was done ,Sir undid her restraints and picked her up, put her on the bed. He laid down next to her, cared for her.

“Oh kitten, when will you learn to obey whether I’m there or not. I’m always in charge. Wait til we get back to town in a few days. You will be downsizing your closet.”

“But Sir, I need all the stuff I my closet, why would you make me do this?”

“No questions kitten, only obedience ”

“Yes Sir”

She wasn’t sure what had gotten into him. But whatever it was, she might have to start behaving herself…


9 thoughts on “Kittens in trouble, Sir has a lesson to teach

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    oh Dear My Lovely one – what a thing. I have a sneaking suspicion that i might be in the same situation shortly….

  2. kennywblog says:

    Reblogged this on kennywblog and commented:
    I like this post because even if you please your Master/Mistress you still may get punished!

  3. kennywblog says:

    It’s hard to stay obedient when your Master is away…the temptation is there! And now the ominous punishment that will come!

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