Naughty kitten, what shall Sir do with you…

Sir and kitten held a party. Sir had many influential people he was meeting, and a party seemed like a good idea to boost his career. Kitten had planned everything,  drinks, food, entertainment. Sir let her know that he was pleased.

The party was to start at 7pm. Sir, arrived shortly before that, to see that kitten got everything taken care of. He was most pleased. Soon the first guessed arrived, kitten and Sir greeted them. Within minutes guests started pouring in. Kittens caterers were busy already.  Kitten kept an eye on Sir, incase He needed anything. Sir and kitten were mingling with guests in opposite parts of the room. There were glances between the two.

Sir, finally came up behind kitten, whispered in her ear. “Upstairs now”.

“But Sir”, she started to say.  He just gave her a disapproving look.

Before you knew it she was upstairs, near their bed,  in a kneeling position for Sir.  She wasn’t sure what happened, but she was waiting to hear. Sir opened and closed the door quickly.

“Good lil kitten, on yours knees before me”. Sir said with a grin.

“Yes Sir” kitten whispered back.

Sir, walked up to her, grabbed her chin brought her head up , so her eyes met his. She looked at him, waiting to hear to hear from him what she had done wrong.

“Kitten, you did a great job on this party tonight, but I noticed only one thing was wrong. I thought about letting it go, but I cannot”. Sir helped kitten stand on her feet. She was now standing in front of Sir, he pushed her over the side of the bed.

“Kitten, if I lift up your dress will I see panties on you?”

“Yes Sir”

“Why” he said in an angry tone.

“I forgot Sir”

“Well I’m going to make sure you don’t forget ever again ”

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir”.

He didn’t want apologies. As she was bent over the side of the bed, he lifted her dress to find the panties. Sir ripped them right off of her. Kitten let out a whimper.  He then spanked her so hard on her ass, that it left a handprint.

“That’s so you will feel the sting of my wrath kitten.”

“Yes Sir”

“Open your legs wide kitten” he said.

Kitten did as told. Her legs wide open, she wasn’t sure what to expect. Within in moments Sir flipped the switch and she knew what was happening. Sir put that awful hitachi on her clit. She hated that thing, as it was Sirs new favorite
thing to drive her body crazy . He played til he knew she couldn’t take anymore. She begged for release.

“Sir, plz may I cum. Plz plz plz Sir” she begged Him.

“No kitten, you disobeyed. Now you will return to the party like this. And anytime I wish I might bring you back the bedroom and put it back on your clit.  Do you hear me?”

“Yes Sir”

Sir and kitten returned to the party. But kitten was still wanting to cum. She needed to cum. Sir kept a close eye on her the rest of the night. Everywhere kitten went, Sir was somewhere nearby. He was making sure that she stayed hot and bothered, with no release insight. Kitten was thinking of sneaking to the bathroom to give herself the release she needed. She knew if Sir caught her, she’d be in serious trouble. She really wasn’t sure she could pull it off without Sir noticing.

By the end of the night, guests dwindled down, kitten was restless, Sir was still paying attention.  After the last guest left, Sir looked at kitten,
“Kitten, take yourself upstairs and wait for me in position “,

“Yes Sir” she replied,  and obediently left the room to do as Sir said.

While Sir made sure all guests and caterers were gone. He had some evil thoughts for kitten. He started upstairs with an evil grin on His face.

Once he entered the room he found kitten naked, and in position. He had an evilidea, an awful evil idea

“Kitten, you have a choice tonight, the rest of your punishment,  or you can go to bed now and we will complete this tomorrow, which will it be?”

” Sir, I would rather go to bed, I’m very tired and tomorrow would be better, thank you Sir”.

“Ok, kitten, go get ready for bed,  now.Sir said in a gruff voice. He knew what was coming…

Kitten came out of the bathroom ready for bed. She hugged and kissed Sir ,and rolled over to go to sleep. But within moments she was being pulled to the center of the bed. 

“Sir, what are you doing?”

“Well kitten you picked going to bed, not me. I will take you and use my body however. Whenever I want. I am going to have my way right now”.

“But Sir.”

“Yes kitten, trying to be argumentative? ”

“No Sir, no I’m not”.

“Good, I wouldn’t want you to add more right now. This is gonna take a while”.

Sir hooked kittens hands together in restraints. Hooked her up to the bed. She remembered the ‘no panties’ rule. So Sir, pushed her legs apart and wide open, he started playing with her clit. Within moments kitten was getting wet, and starting to move around, by being aroused by Sir.

“Oh no kitten, you lay there and I play. Go to sleep sweet lil kitten”

“But Sir, I need to cum”

“That won’t be happening kitten, remember you wanted to go to sleep, so go to sleep”.

” Sir do you plan on stopping what you are doing?”

“No kitten, I didn’t choose going to sleep, you did. So deal with it”.

Kitten was very unhappy, she had no idea that Sir would do this to her.

Sir was into the ‘ toy box’. This night was going to be the worst. Sir beat her at her own game. She really thought they would deal with punishments another night, and usually Sir went easy on her just because he was so busy. She knew full well she had taken advantage of his being nice to her.

Sir came back to the bed, where she was all tied up, legs open wide for him, she didn’t really know what was coming, but it was gonna be awful. She probably deserved every moment of it. Sir plugged her least favorite toy in. She heard the hum from the hitachi, oh fuck it was on. Sir had this evil grin as he brought the hitachi to her clit, within moments she was wiggling to get away from that thing. 

“Hold still kitten, or you won’t like me”
“Yes Sir. I’m trying, but I need to cum”
“No kitten, not tonight.
” But Sir”
“No kitten, i said no, I meant no”.

Sir kept putting the hitachi back on her clit. Then take it back off. Kitten was getting worse. She had tears in her eyes from trying to hold back all night. Sir put his hands all over her body. Still fingering her pussy, pinching her nipples. She was so wet, begging Sir to please let her cum. He stayed silent.

“Next time kitten, you should remember who’s in charge here. It’s not you kitten,
Maybe we will see how you behave tomorrow and I might let you cum alittle”

“Thank you Sir”

“Goodnight kitten”

“Night Sir”

One thought on “Naughty kitten, what shall Sir do with you…

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    ohhhhh lovely

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