Handle with care.

Yes, this is how to handle things, all things, with care. Actually with great care.

In a relationship,  vanilla or kink, handling everything with care is necessary. As there are 2 people involved, and any problems, concerns should be addressed properly, with care.
Always mindful of respect. But dealing with issues at hand will be the result you look for. Let anger go, it’s useless.

I have a few things I need to handle with care.  I am feeling clear headed, but understood that the stress that was building wasn’t my own. So ,now to deal with it head on. I am mindful of my words, not wanting to harm, but answers will be expected.  There is no right or wrong answer either, only an answer. I deserve to have balance back in my life, but to achieve that, I need to make some tough decisions. 

I am not a decision type person, until I feel backed into a corner. Which is where I’m at. If necessary I can claw my way out of the corner. I was pissed off yesterday. I think I had great reason. But now I’m done with being pissed, I want clarity.i want peace. I want balance.  I’m not done, yet.

I’m worth clarity. So, in all the areas of my life, where there hasn’t been any, I am seeking that. As refuge to stand and survive. I won’t settle for less.

Two of my children felt my wrath. One seems to think I owe more. I do not. There is no more requirement on my part, but the money you owe, it’s up there, repayment before I feel not so nice. To the other, stop being sneaky, I see it all. But to take advantage because I get overwhelmed,  tsk.tsk. I’m still the mother.

A demon I’ve been some moments,  shall I let it stay. I think I see an auto place that should be ripped to shreds, maybe an ex, Hmm. A few people that have caused me pain, yet I act like it’s nothing. No more. No, that is not me. I don’t want to be the demon. But I processed quickly, and those in my path when I woke up… Well , the word ‘shock” came to mind.

I noticed everything,  I have a mental list of it all. The fog is gone, there are clear blue skies,  and I’m done with certain things. To handle this with care, is what I want.  Just don’t mistake my niceness for weakness. I don’t need you, you need me. So don’t confuse the two.

What was in those bruises…lol.  It shook something up in me. Good/bad. Now to get me back to where I belong, and do it with care, yes I need that too. But momma didn’t raise a fool,  you get more kindness from others, when you show it. I don’t mind treating others nicer than they treated me. Just don’t mistake my niceness for weakness. Never make that mistake.

My great grandmother,  a rare gem I had for only a short time. Would say,
‘Pretty is, as pretty does’.   If you don’t understand those words, then you might need a course in what true beauty is, but that’s another day.



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