I’ve waited my whole life for Him

Last night, was another great time with my Daddy.  It’s funny how each time is so different from the next. He’s a great Daddy for this reason alone, I wouldn’t even have to touch on the many other reasons. But I’m going to!

He saw me drowning in stress. My personality needs, craves balance. I didn’t think He saw it. I should have known better. He’s so busy, just like me. But He had been waiting for me to bring the issue to Him. I thought about it, but I didn’t want to sound like I was complaining or not handling my life. I try my hardest,  I don’t back down, I don’t always take no for an answer. I get this shit done. This is what I’m used to. To be able to find a man who just gets it, and is my equal this way,  just thrills me. Ok, I need regular maintenance.  It’s a fact. Fuck, I tried bubble baths, massage from my kid, But that lil shit, she charges me. Going for a long walk. Put on a movie, cancel out the world, but I’m not a big TV watcher. Even talking to my bff Chanse didn’t help, alittle. But I knew what I needed, My Daddy. Once I asked for what I needed I could surrender! Could give up! Daddy is gonna be in my life a long time, He’s gonna know all this stuff about me. Plus Daddys tasks are just always tailored to me, help me, even if I don’t understand them. I just don’t need to question anymore, I am at a point of complete trust!

As Daddy, knew what I needed, in that moment. I just asked for pain. I think I know ,He knows me best. He can see what I need, even before I ask. This makes Him a great Master.  The fact that He left me on my own since I refused to tell Him I was suffering, was brilliant on His part. Why should He help someone, who obviously thinks they were handling it all just fine.  I am not always so smart, as I think I am. I have moments when I’m weak, but I would like to hide those,pretend it’s not so.  I’m still doing fine,what i tell myself. Basically lie to myself! It was working for me, not… Daddy took control, once I admitted I needed Him. He let me fall on my face, but notice He picked me back up, put me back on the path. Let me release all that stress, tears, anxiety.  When He was done, He held me, cared for me, asked how I was doing. My body was spent,  I was so thankful He didn’t require me to go to the gym, but then that’s how smart He is, He could tell I was in no place mentally or physically to handle anything else. Plus later that night, I slept like a baby. This is a miracle in itself, I haven’t slept in years, but with Daddy I can sleep.

How does He do it? The mind just boggles. I could never be a dominant,  the thought and time that goes into everything,  I’m not that patient.  But I will devote myself to being the best slave I can be. To make Him happy, as long as He permits me to be His.







Aline with Daddy, that made me feel safe.



I used to have so much pride that I’ve never cried in front of any man. But now being His slave, my pride has changed. I’ve cried in front of Him several times. He’s never shamed me, thought I was weak, He is everything to me for giving me that gift. What a great Daddy, What a brilliant Master, What a wonderful King I get to serve.  I am so lucky to be His.

I ♡ you Daddy!!!



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