So close to letting go.

Ok, I have admit when you’re right. Youre right. I did let my feelings go off track, without talking to you. I felt like I was not important in that one moment , rather than wait for you to clarify it. I forget you have bad days too. That is my fault, I’m sorry.

Finding out that I hurt you, that you felt like letting go. Cut right through me. That’s not what I want. I did listen to my friends, after that I couldn’t tell how I felt, confused. This is my fault, again I’m sorry.

I really listened to you today. It’s just hard to believe that things will be fine, when another reality points at a different direction. To know you were telling me the truth, but then the other side of this coin, didn’t match up. I feel so lost. I could have asked you again, to remind me that it will be done, soon, but I didnt. That is my fault, I’m truly sorry.
This has not been the easiest thing to do, but I did my best in a situation that sucked. You even said it lasted longer then you figured it would. Then please think how strong I have had to be, even when it felt like it was hurting me so much at the same time. I have tried very hard. I felt somedays that I was in pieces.

I didn’t think my words hurt you so deeply, but they did. For that I’m guity. I didnt want you feel how I feel, it was the last thing I wanted,  but it did happen. I heard that pain today. I’m so sorry. If you can’t find any reason to hold on, I won’t stand in your way. I want you to be happy, whether you are with me or need to let go , I care about you, I do love you, last few days didn’t show that. I’m sorry. I will help you how I can, as you allow, because I care.  But if you need to go, I understand. 


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