When Daddy is on overload

My Daddy is having a tough time right now. He’s got so much stress piled on Him, I don’t know how to help Him. But that’s how I think. ‘What can I do to take some of His stress?’ Plus I realize I’m stressed out too. 24/7 lifestyle is never easy, then add in real life, jobs, kids. Then situations that we had no idea were going to wear us out.

Yes, I am part of His stress. But so are many other things/ppl. I knew my Daddy wasn’t a real superhero, but I guess as babygirls, sometimes we just forget. I think my Daddy is so strong, He can do it all, has all answers, never struggles. But reality says that’s wrong.

Daddy is just as human as anyone else.  He laughs, feels pain. His humanness is absolutely another reason I love Him. I don’t see Him  weak at all. I see His true strength at this time. That when this world becomes to much, He knows His limits. Then He knows He needs time to recharge, to face the world again. That is strength.

But in babygirl world, we see our Daddys as super heroes.  They fly in, with a capital ‘D’ on their chest. Ready to save the day. Recently Daddy spoke, and I listened, really listened. Once home I wondered what I could do to be His super hero? Daddy needs to know I want to be there for Him too. I feed Him when He’s hungry, give BJ’s cuz Daddies need those too! Full body massages,listen when He needs that too.

He’s not just everyone’s super hero, He’s the one we feel should have it all together. Sort of like the glue. But that’s not His job either.

Once I started wracking my brain, I needed a plan. How can I help Daddy?  Show Him how much I care? I figure I  found an answer. I did let Him know. Daddy is worth helping, He helps me all the time.

What do you do when your Daddy just has no answers to give.

1. Give Daddy some time away from everyone and everything. It’s not easy since you just want to hug and kiss Daddy, but it’s necessary. A long vacation on a deserted island would be ideal, but stick to obtainable goals.

2. Does your Daddy need a stuffie? We know babygirls love them, find out if your Daddy does too!

3. Limit texts and phone calls, but still obey Daddys rules. Even babygirls need to be able to be responsible for themselves  while Daddy is busy. So think of it this way, Daddy is taking a much needed break, He expects His darling babygirl to control herself.

4. Find things to occupy your time. I have my bff and my kids. They are keeping me plenty busy, as usual.

5. Remind yourself that while Daddy is taking some time for Himself, take some time for you. Organize your home, bubble baths, etc. Keep it fun,even while you miss your Daddy.


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