Dr’s orders, another Masters message

I have this fantastic dr. He is such a good and kind man.  Recently I was released from His care, he hugged my kids, He looked at me, and asked,
“Are you allowed a hug?”
“No Sir, I am not”, I replied, He shook my hand, put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a gift I won’t soon forget.But let’s start from the beginning.

December 11th, 2014. My youngest 2 kids and I were in a car accident.  I found a dr that was open late at night. I needed help fast. He kept his office open late that night just for me and my kiddos. So essentially I have seen this man for a little over a year. He is a Master in  the lifestyle, something that
Didn’t come out til much later, how it came about was funny to both of us.

I  met my Daddy/Master  end of April 2015. As relationships progress, ours did too. My dr knew something was up when I would be more sore than usual.  I had to ask to talk to him privately. Let him know that the pain that I have is not accident related, still have that pain, but new pain is because I’m in a certain lifestyle. He started to laugh. I had never had that reaction before. He looked at me and said;
“What did you do to piss off your dominant? ”
As I was reluctant to say or even give a clear indication that I even had a dominant.  He let me know it was ok, that He had been in the lifestyle, but his current wife and He didn’t practice it much. He still expected things from her, respect, hard work, her to serve. But on their own terms. I could respect that. So, after our chat , everytime I came in His first question would be;
“Anything I need to know?” (Between us meant bruises, soreness. He would laugh under his breath.)

Once my kids were done with their care, I was not. I had many more months of care. With my Master, He was requiring the gym, this dr loved that I was going to the gym and would give me advice on how to strengthen my body after 2 car accidents, and still keep my Master happy and respected in what He requires of me. Now, months later, my body is stronger. I feel better, not 100%, but then I knew, ‘much better’ might be all I get. This dr has helped me immensely. 

He would ask key questions about my Master and myself. I would only give bits of  info. He would just say,
“You have a very good Master, you will have to trust me on this”. I asked many times for explanation,  but none came.

He would ask more specific questions,  and sort of laugh to himself again. Asking for an explanation was frivolous,  he never gave one. He would add in tidbits of info, such as, “your Master really cares for you”, “your Master loves you so much”, ” He is taking such great care of you”. Now I always have felt lucky to have my Master, but how did another Master know? It’s like a secret club or something.

Fast forward to Jan 9th, 2016. My last day seeing my dr. I looked right at him, and said ;
“It’s my last day, plz tell me how come you asked all those questions, you would share some stuff but no real explanation? ”
He smiled at me,
“slaves might not see the care, or all the time that Masters put into them. You think it’s about time together, sex is not even part of it. He doesn’t even have to be with you all the time, but you are still under his tutelage,  it’s how you have been trained for months. For His happiness, to learn to serve Him ,how He wants. How best to please Him. This is all I can say, as I respect your Master. And asking another Master to explain all Masters,well we can’t, nor would we. Just know that you are loved beyond words, Your care is important to Him, you are His treasure”.

And that was all I got. It really is like a secret society! They all watch each others back. They understand each other, they respect each other and their property. Although His words did help me, but I already knew I was being trained, that I was loved and cared about.

As I turned to leave his office, one last time, he started to speak again;I was listening intently again. He had His hand on my shoulder.
“Just so you know, your Master has a wonderful slave, you don’t remove his collar til I ask you to, then it’s back on. You have never said one word against him. You don’t look at other men, even though they have treated you like a piece of meat.  When you have answered questions you keep most things private, only reveal what i need so i can care for you. You love your Master beyond words too. I believe you will both be together a long time.”

After hearing his words, all I could
muster was;.
“Thank you Sir”.

His words were fantastic to hear, and the best gift ever. I had no idea that anyone could see the slave in me. I have been working hard on that coming back out from hiding.

Thanks Doc, for everything.


3 thoughts on “Dr’s orders, another Masters message

  1. What a gift to have a Doctor who is in the lifestyle.

  2. Its amazing to find kindred souls out there in unexpected places (:


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