Feeling so loved

I haven’t written much this week, been busy.  I’m looking for short term job, need to get my taxes done. I’ve had several meetings that I have to attend. Took a class for something that’s important to me. Now just waiting to see deadpool with Daddy.  We hate opening weekends.

Recently,  had a great time with my Daddy! I didn’t get very wordy, it was to special to me. I had been talking to a few friends about trying something new, something that Daddy really wanted.  I had never found a man that could change my mind,  so my answer was always no. The last few months I had been asking them all kinds of questions about it. I just knew when it felt like the right time, I would do it. Well this last week was the right time. I think I even shocked the hell out of my Daddy.  He looked at me , He was breathless, and said;
“I thought you didn’t like that ”
Well, I never thought in a million years I would do that, for any man. But then Daddy came along and showed me what I was missing from my life. Daddy is worth learning new things for.

My Daddy isn’t just any man. He’s the man who found me when I was lost. He’s the man who reminds me constantly that He’s not like others, and gonna hurt me. We have things that we work on, but He really is the best Daddy. He’s someone I have needed in my life , and now I feel like I have everything I ever wanted. Daddy brings out this part of me that I never knew existed. I want to try hard, for Him and myself.

I look forward to our future together. I have no idea what’s in store for us, but I’m not in any hurry either. I like enjoying each day with my Daddy. I want to be the slave He needs. The slave He’s proud to call His. The slave that does her job well, to keep Him happy.

I think Daddy seems happy to. He’s still here! I think He understands how tough some things are for me too, where I didn’t explain it before. He gave me grace to be me in a situation that isn’t mine, but has taught me a lot. I definitely have strength, but I’m very patient. I need to express to Daddy when my patience wears thin, I need Daddy to help renew it and my strength. This situation won’t be forever, so thankful for that. So, for now, I’m trying to keep my mind on happier things. I feel I have no control, so I’m trying to give that thought up, and just concentrate on the one who has control, Daddy.

I’m very thankful for tough times, as much as the good times. You learn a lot about yourself. Like how much you really care for the other person. How you really feel about how strong your relationship is. You can see that what two ppl have is either strong enough to ladt, or it will crumble. Well we didn’t crumble. We are both strong. We both want to be here. We both must truly love and want the other person, because it could have easily slipped away. Real life will happen, we will either pull together, or apart. I think we have staying power. I am positive we belong together. I’m so happy we are.

Now setting up a threesome for me and Daddy! We are both craving it. Finding the right person seems near impossible,  but I won’t give up. I know we will be able to find several women who want some fun with us!


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