Remind me

Remind me that I’m the slave you want as I wear those slutty outfits to tease. Make you breathe harder. That with each and every thrust ,as I cum and cum again, you love that they belong to you. That I’m all yours. I don’t waiver on this. That no one compares to you, for you own my heart, you are in my soul, you are on my mind.( you are my Daddy, my Master, I love time with you, you make it so special)

Remind me that when our plans fail, you are as disappointed as i am. As I need to know you miss me. That you need me. Feel lonely without me too.
(I do hate it, but when you let me know you do too, somehow it hurts less in me, thank you for telling me. I need to know)

Remind me that even though your busy, and can’t text or call as much, I’m on your mind.
(I love your surprise texts and calls! They make me feel so loved!)

Remind me that you know I need you, to hear your voice, see your face, kiss you, be held by you, and that you to feel the same. You need me, need to hear my voice, see my face, kiss me, be held by me. (There is nothing like that feeling when you come through the door, but I don’t ever know how to let you go so you can leave, hardest thing ever)

Remind me that you know I sleep better with you by my side at night, but someday it can be more often.
( I know you’re busy, I’m patient, I just need you too♡)

Remind me that I’m a priority in your life. Because you have become quite important in mine.
(I love to be reminded that you think about me)

Remind me that I am the only gift you need in your life, as you to are me. Money can’t buy everything, it didn’t buy our love, our hearts, or our relationship.
(I don’t need gifts, I need you!)

Remind me that I don’t need to hear the words ; ‘I love you’, all the time, because they could lose their meaning, plus you will show me frequently how you feel!
( surprise texts, memes, pics of things you know I like)

You are my gift, you are my love. You are the only man I need. I’m so proud to be yours. You just take my breath away,  but you are also the air I need. I love how you care for me, as we have more time together, I need to be reminded more frequently that I hold your heart.


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