Daddy, Dead pool, and taco bell

Well Daddy stayed the night, and took me to see Deadpool. It was fantastic, definitely a great movie. I’m a lucky girl, I got to see the movie I’d been waiting months for, but more importantly I got to spend some quality time with my Daddy. 

Deadpool was great, but being with Him just makes my heart beat faster, my breath slow, my pulse race, between my legs moist, I never know what He has planned, what will happen,  what my body will go through.

Daddy did let me know that with my home, being so crazy, I haven’t being doing exactly as I should. He was right. My kids will be in my room , or just need me, so I tried making everyone happy. But I am disrespecting my Daddy by not being in position when He walks through the door.

Upon asking a friend of mine what to do. I kind of already knew what she would say. But hearing it hit home. She flat out asked me why was I not offending my kids? I did let her know I try to keep the peace. Which she added,
“Who are you wanting to spend your life with?” She added.
“Daddy, of course.” I said.
“Then offend your children, kneel for your Master, and show Him that He’s #1 at that moment. He didn’t ask for all your moments,  but that one is His and His alone”.

Smart women, and the only slave I trust and adore. She’s so wise, and caring. But I am in the wrong. It won’t happen again. The only man in my life who is served by me, does need to see how much I care. Daddy is very important.

After taking in all that she said, I knew what to do. I know that Daddy and I have long term plans for our life together. The kids will grow up and leave, well they are supposed to do that. But Daddy and I , that’s different, He shall be served each day. Whether He requests it a certain way, or not. When He comes thru the door, I’m to be in position,  unless there’s a damn good reason.  This is the life I have chosen. This is the man I wish to serve. He’s the Daddy I adore, the Master I love.

I did apologize to my Daddy. But for me, the best way to apologize,  is to never repeat that.  Then He will know I’m really meaning what I say.

So, this weekend Daddy ok’d a road trip! I am hoping it will be great. I’ll write about it later.

* we did pick up taco bell after the movie! Just incase you wondered how it came into play !


2 thoughts on “Daddy, Dead pool, and taco bell

  1. I enjoyed this post, honest and loving.

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