Bdsm and you, why do we love it so much?

Ask anyone who has been in into the lifestyle for any length of time, they will tell you why they love it. It speaks to you. You finally feel like you found yourself. You are at home in your own skin. You don’t feel like a fraud for being different, from everyone else, for the first time in your life.

You find yourself facing your fears, which for the life of you, you have no idea why they were fears to begin with. You have this ‘hard list’ of things you refuse to try. Yet, if you have a great dominant they will make this list shrink. While that list is getting smaller it hits you, that you have had more experiences in a certain amount of time, you feel more alive than you ever had. You are at peace with yourself. For the first time ever, you know you are right where you belong.

The hardest thing is finding the dominant that is your equal and opposite other half. This relationship must work like a well oiled machine. That person must know your fears, your likes/dislikes, your pain level, health issues.

The other side of this is that you must be the other half of that person. You must be ready to be all they need. You will need to know how to keep them happy, how they insist on being served, how much experience do they have. What will be required of you, and can do the job that they have set before you.

Both you and your dominant must be ready to be honest with each other about what you are both wanting , expecting from each other. Do you both really want a relationship,  will you just play and care for each other.

This lifestyle offers so many ways for you to express yourself, for you to grow as a person and in your sexuality. You can have as many experiences as want, or very few. Those of us who truly live this lifestyle,  we do pride ourselves on trying to not judge one another. We realize we already have to hide from the vanilla world, we should support one another.

Speaking of the vanilla world. As we must be apart of it,  we work in it, play in it, raise kids, have vanilla friends and family members. Yet most of us must hide our true selves. We must not breathe a word of what we do in private, how much we have learned, how far we were pushed by our dominant, or pushed ourselves.

You can be anything you want to be. Feel how you want to feel, dress slutty, be a brat!, be reserved. Only you know what will make you happy.

The hard part is that we try so hard to live the lifestyle in a safe way, for us physically and mentally,  and emotionally.  Then we must deal with stupid books/movies that depict our lifestyle as something tawdry, or abusive. Granted we do have some fakes on the dominant and submissive sides, but don’t judge us all from those few bad examples. 

No matter how you live, I hope you have a wonderful life. I wish you all the happiness in this lifestyle.  It is the best!



It’s been 11 months for Daddy and me♡





Since I first met Him, I was hooked. Granted I had already established thoughts about Him from the year before ,when we met briefly.  How fate, the universe, whomever it was… I had a second chance with the man who put stars in my eyes. Even though for me the timing was bad. I wasn’t about to waste my moment now that I knew second chances don’t always happen.

I needed to know if He, ‘was the one I’ve been searching for ,my entire life’. YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES, YES. I didn’t know how to tell Him. I’m not even sure He felt it.

The first time we were face to face , it took every ounce of courage in me to stay by His side, as I felt like I was in the presence of royalty and I wasn’t sure I belonged. Daddy just has this commanding presence about Him. It’s actually quite unique. I was just myself all night long, but it was hard to make eye contact, still is. His eyes always feel that they can see deep into my soul.

The man I met that night, impressed me. He was such a gentleman.  He spoke eloquently,  asked insightful questions.  He didn’t show anything but excellence. My thought was then, as it is now, ‘ Fuck, I want to be all His, forever, and ever, and ever’. Females just know, 30 seconds or less. ( I said He was eloquent, not me! LOL)

Once we began to call it a night, I knew I would want more, He’s like a drug, I’m His addict. I still cannot get enough of my Daddy. I know He reminds me of plans He has for our future. I just count myself lucky, blessed, or whatever you call it that I get to wake up each morning , and tell my Daddy that I love Him so much! He is my first love♡ He is the man I want to spend my ‘happily ever after’ with. He’s the man who is my everything! 

I’m the luckiest babygirl in the world. No one has a Daddy like mine. Next month is a year!  I have never had that with anyone who actually mattered to me. I am so excited! Life does give you what you are looking for, if your patient! I’m patient, I don’t need to know what our future holds, as long as Daddy is in my life! I’m His! He’s mine! 

I love you Daddy!  There aren’t enough words in any language to tell you how much , hopefully I can show you♡


Is the past really the past?

Does the past dictate the future. Does the past ever stay in the past?

I had nothing else to do so I watched this movie, wow did it bring up a lot of old feelings, and bad times in my mind. Maybe you never get to fully forget. But I don’t live there anymore.


I was in porn, but I will back up and start from the beginning. 

It started when I was young, sex was forced on me when I was 6 yrs old. My mother was a druggy/alcoholic and partied a lot, so she would just hire anyone to watch my brother and i. Once she showed up 3 days later, I told her what the male babysitter and his uncle did to me. I didn’t get medical attention, but yelled at and then told to forget it and tell no one. I was 6, I did as I was told.  By the time I was 9 my mom married again, and once I turned 11 yrs old this man treated me like I was his girlfriend. My mom found out by the time I was 13. She again yelled at me , said let’s pretend it’s not happening,  no medical attention. This time we started going to church.

As I got older I would find boyfriends who had anger problems, and would beat me. My mom wanted me out of the house by 18. She didn’t care how, so I found guys who would live with me, but the one I settled on wanted to marry me. I was against this. We weren’t in love, it was more a religious thing from our parents. It was the worst decision. We separated a few times, couldn’t afford divorce. I will admit my life has been a series of bad choices. But you can change it, I finally doing that now.

Once I wanted a divorce from the man who pretty much destroyed my self esteem, and tried killing me , I knew I was in for a tough time. I just had no idea how bad it would get before it was over, and even after it was over it didn’t just end. He stopped me from getting any money, figured I couldn’t get the divorce so he thought he could still control me. I had news for him. I found an ad online, started doing porn. I had no education ,ex never allowed me to go to college, and I never was allowed to work all the time, just off and on. I never knew this was a plan to keep me down. All I had was my body. I knew how to flirt, and I knew how to fuck.

My ex and I were ordered to split the cost of the divorce. 48 hours before it should be paid off , he let me know he wasn’t paying a damn dime. So I asked the court for a 3 day extension to pay his half, I was granted the 3 days. This would be my first porn video.  My adult child knew where I was since he watched his siblings. I got a good amount ,paid off my divorce, and I was on my way to getting divorced, and yes porn paid for it. My son did let my ex know how I paid for the divorce, my ex had taken all my self esteem in years of marriage so this was not going to do more damage. He let me know I was a filthy whore, didn’t deserve my kids. But through divorce he didn’t want the kids. So I became a full time parent , alone, broke. The courts did give very little in child support cuz ex lied that I made money so court took his word. I did get some spousal but ex dictated to court how much and how long he would pay. After divorce I didn’t get the spousal from him, I actually had to go to court, where I got screwed again, and he owed thousands. He has stalked me, threatened me, broke into my home, true to kill me several times. Police did nothing. Child protective service did nothing to help my kids. He was out of control.

I needed protection, and fast. I entered the world of porn to feed my kids, pay bills, keep a roof over our heads. I survived. I had a few doms that watched me and kept me safe, so did bikers. I found a way to make more money, I started escorting. Escorting takes a while to build a clientele.  So I was up at 5am, I would go clean houses for $400/wk. Do porn shoots 2-3days out of the week, I worked with a company in Scottsdale that lined up jobs for escorting. I was smart enough to figure out this business to cut out the middle man. I started online marketing myself and got to keep 100% of my money. My night job was working at an adult, It’s a dark and vile world. The things you will do for money, are just not worth it. It’s embarrassing that it’s me I’m talking about.

My self esteem was at an all time low, and I never thought I could feel worse than my ex made me feel, but I did. My guy bff would come over and just hold me while I cried all night. He reminded me I’m not a whore, just a business woman who needed to take care of herself. He saw something in me that wasn’t dirty, or disgusting. I always needed that. I was raped one day, I couldn’t even fathom what happened, I didn’t tell anyone, but I finally told one of the doms who was trusted to protect me. He made me agree to let him come over to help me. Once he was in my home, my kids were asleep down the hall. I started to cry and tell him what happened,  and he attacked me and fucked me. It was a fantasy of his. Once he was done he was talking, I don’t recollect anything he said, but I do remember him tossing a big wad of cash at me, then he was gone.

My personal life was falling apart. I was not a great mom at this point.  My kids remind me, I don’t really remember it all. Probably a good thing. But one of my kids was suicidal and I needed to make a choice, stand by my child, or not care. I had just started talking to this great guy, the Master I have now, but I was not able to really appreciate him at this point in my life. I made the toughest call ever and I had to let him go and He have his life.

I put my kid into the hospital,  so she could get help. I got myself and my other kids into counseling. I even took my ex to court over money owed. I stopped escorting,porn, no dating,no sex til I knew I was ok again.8 months of no sex, dating. I even pushed my friends away, except those who needed to be in my life, very few people. I did take a long hard look at myself. Started putting weight on.

Once I felt like I knew myself again. I had respect for myself again. I finally moved to a nice area, and went back to I’m not vanilla , vanilla men are boring, I knew I needed a man in the lifestyle.  A few weeks of talking to some men, and here comes one from the past. The one that was hardest to let go as my life was falling apart. I was so excited to be able to talk to him. I wasn’t going to waste this chance to get to know him. Once He knew all this stuff, He refused to let me back into porn, or escorting. Which meant there was no easy way out. I would have to work hard. He treated me with respect. He cares and loves me the way I am.

It felt like for the first time I was safe. He didn’t care that porn/escorting got me lots of money, sex, or famous people in my life. That kind of life looks like it had perks, but the price you pay just isn’t worth it. I wasn’t interested in just fucking every guy. When I started dating my Daddy/Master we were monogamous from the start. Sexual attention meant love to me, my Daddy had to show me a different way. I had only been fucked my whole life, He makes love to me. I have to deal with my pics and videos are up online for the rest of my life. I did try to contact most ,see if they would take my stuff down, and very few did.

My kids are older now, they knew I did porn, they don’t know about the escorting, one does. They do remind me that I was not a good mother at this point. I felt I put them first cuz I was paying for everything, food,clothes,home. It was embarrassing to think that men saw my kids pictures and offered me lots of money for my daughter. I never took it. She’s my world.  It’s hard to remember how badly I’ve been treated by men. Like I was just nothing. I did date a few times, but it was only about the sex. I love sex, the dirtier the better. Once they were done with me I was tossed aside like I was nothing.

If someone had a crystal ball, could show me how my life would go by entering porn and escorting, I would never do it now. But I can’t take it back. My pics and videos, like I said, are out there forever. I was never bored, I had fake friends everywhere, famous ones, rich ones, kinky ones. But no one really cared about me. When I was falling apart, they all left.  Ok, a few stayed, and not for sex. Now life is so different, I have a Master who loves me, we’ve been together for a while now. We do talk about the future, but I’m in no hurry. I like taking my life one day at a time. No more of the past.  My Master doesn’t let me drink either, every once in a while I can have alittle. When I need money He expects me to do like everyone else, work hard for very little money, save, I can shop a bit, not much, but I feel better about myself. 

I’m also heading to school. My Master is setting me up for great things in my life. I feel better about me all the time, I still struggle a little taking off more weight, but I’m doing my best, and I will get there. Even though I feel sometimes as I’ve ruined my life by my old activity, my Master has a way of bringing me to the present moment and reminding me that I’m only His dirty girl now!!! How I got so lucky with this man, I never know. But I’m looking forward to a long time with Him. The older I get I want to make better choices, it’s hard to live with the things I’ve done, but I try to not beat myself up, just remind myself that it’s a new day and I can choose how I spend it! Living in the present, or visiting the past.

-babygirl.      Happy Easter to all.

This is my story, my past from just like the last six years, some from my childhood. If you take away anything , I hope you know that no matter how low you feel, you can still find the man of your dreams, and gain self esteem,  and just pull your life together and make it good.

Lifestyle is difficult, but worth it.

The title says it all. Bdsm is the lifestyle I love, but if you’ve never lived it each and everyday, all day long, then you don’t know what I’m talking about. And if you have, you are smiling to yourself , and thinking ” Damn right girl!”

I don’t care who you are, if you’ve got a kinky bone in your body ,then you know how great the lifestyle is. You either have a dominant you serve, love, cherish, or you are the dominant type that is in charge of another, or more. When you know how the lifestyle works, and you have securely chosen your role, now comes the hard work. Yes, I said work!

What kind of work? Well, let’s start with our dominants. You are either a Dom/Master/Top, maybe a switch. Once you have found your submissive,  you are on your way to being served. Served how you want, when you want, every desire is met by another human being. You have created rules for that person to live by. They must report to you where they go, when they go, what they are doing, who they are doing anything with.  You must be in charge of this person come rain, or come shine. Every kind of thing life throws at them, they must report to you, see how you would like it handled. Funny thing is, that submissive  knows how to answer questions,  live life, get work done, take care of kids, but your submissive cares that you are in charge, that things are to be brought to your attention.  It’s like running a monarchy, on a much smaller scale than the queen does.  Add in here that you plan each scene, must have hours of time under your belt before you hit your submissive. All that hot, steamy sex.

Now realize that this, for many, is a real working relationship.  It could turn into ownership of your slave/sub/babygirl, deeply personal. Maybe you’ve decided to date your submissive for a while, and down the line live together, or marry that person. This is like no other relationship.  So much work goes into it. As a real couple you need communication,  time together, you crave plenty of sex. You probably have a job, friends,family,  maybe even children,  and now you’ve added in taking control of a person’s life.

I don’t know any dominant that doesn’t work hard at this lifestyle.  A true dominant pulls all this shit together, and  makes it all look so easy. But here’s a news flash for you. Every dominant needs some downtime. Being in charge, having all the answers, setting up a scene, this is all hard work. Think about it like this: your dominant gets up early for work. They might have kids to get up and going for the day, they must acknowledge their submissive.  Get to work on time, make sure their submissives life is going well for the day. They must work while at work! The day will hopefully be a good one. At this point that submissive likes to send pics to them, maybe send quick videos of playing with your favorite toy, ask questions, report to you. Your regular life, and dominant side are clashing. As the dominant you must pull it altogether. Make it run like a well oiled machine.  Plan your night, do you have the kids, time with friends, time with submissive,  maybe you got some downtime.  A night of just taking it easy. Yes, even dominants need this. Hopefully every submissive reading this, will understand, that from time to time, your dominant will need time to just relax, recooperate, rest.

Now we can hit on the other side of this. Submissives have it just as hard. I know, because I am one. To give your life over to another human being, to fully trust them to have your best interest at heart. To hope that you do everything right so you can make your dominant happy.  You want to serve them well, which means you had better know your dominant. You must follow each rule, or risk not being the perfect submissive, which shames us. And the other side of that shame is that once our dominant is upset with you a punishment is on the loom. If you truly love, care for your dominant, shame is the worst feeling you will go through,  when you are in front of your dominant it is hard to look at them. You wonder if your heartfelt apology is heard, or fell on deaf ears. Any punishment you are lined up for is not the worst thing you will feel. Bruises will heal, but you long to be the perfect submissive.

As a submissive,  we might not have the right to do as we please, this would be a slave. If you have the right to do as you please within boundaries then you’re a sub. If you know you don’t have the right ,but do it anyway, you are a brat. If you want the right to do what you want, but you just want to play, you’re a babygirl. There is also bottoms, rules are most certainly different for you, you probably have none, or very few.

Most submissives have jobs, maybe children, friends, family, and possibly a dominant.  Your life is as much a juggling act as your counterpart. But we must also worry about our dominants needs at all time. Are they hungry,  have they made a request from us. It is your job to keep them happy. All the while following your rules, and working your real job. You must clean, cook, do all labor. Then once we see our dominant,  are we in the position that will show them respect, have we put them first that day, how may we serve them. To be able to discuss things that need the dominants input must wait til you’ve been given permission to present your dominant with the info. You don’t make your own decisions,  this is not a regret, it’s just our lifestyle. 

As a true submissive, you have put many hours into your training. You must be gracious, know how to follow commands. If you love your dominant then you are in a relationship and must communicate, spend time with them, while remembering who you serve at all times. There are no days off. There is no time off. You know that as your relationship progresses you might be collared. That is the ultimate honor , it’s your dominant owning you, its,as close as marriage without taking the plunge. Although your dominant may have plans to live together, or even marriage. If this has been what you want from your dominant then you are happy. Just be ready for as you move this relationship together, you will still be serving your dominant on a more permanent basis, but they will be in control on that permanent basis.

Did it just get harder? Lol. No, not really.  You were both doing your part of the lifestyle,  now you will just be doing it under the same roof. You will still be in your role that you’ve been doing all along. You might have a contract, not always. Just keep in mind that even permanent,  you will both still need downtime. Time away from each other, out with your friends, do things you still like. Be true to yourself. Keep communication going well. Still being respectful.  Remember, this lifestyle is beautiful,  do your part to the best of your ability.  Keep your relationship alive, there is no other like it. You are not vanilla, have fun!

Both roles have stress, and are enjoyable. The reason we date in the lifestyle,  is the same as vanillas, we are looking for that perfect person for us. Someone devoted to us. I realize that the lifestyle can be more complicated than this. Yes in many ways, to many for me to write and express.

I hope I didn’t leave anything out! I hope I was fair to both sides. I do respect the lifestyle,  and I truly care about my Master. I try hard to make sure I never take Him for granted. I know how hard He has it. I do encourage Him to go have fun, at that time I try to keep questions to a minimum,  and just report what I’m doing, out of deep respect for Him and the life I signed up for. Also, when He gets downtime, so do i. I still feel my Master has it much harder than I do. He’s a great Master. I’m happy to serve Him. I do try my hardest to make sure He’s pleased with me at all times. I try to not bring Him any shame, killer for me. I don’t like having Him angry with me, and have to plan my punishment.  I do however love being slave/ bratty babygirl and getting funishments!  I do have the best Daddy, He makes this look so easy.  I know the truth. He’s a hard worker at His job, takes being a Master seriously,  He’s a great dad, good friend, cares about our families.   And most of all, He loves me. He spoils me. He controls me. He makes our time together so special. The sex is always phenomenal.  We have been together almost 11 months, it has had its ups and downs, like any relationship,  we are still learning about each other. The one thing I like is that we both go slow, getting to know each other. We have plans for our future, but they will go as Master plans for us. I am so happy to have this man in my life, the Master I love to serve ,and tease. He pushes my limits, His expectations of me, I hope I meet them all. I love His devotion to detail, in all areas of our lives. I always hope that I make Him proud that I’m His slave. This is the lifestyle we choose, it’s beauty is right there for all to see.

* I wrote a book. But it was necessary.
Happy reading!


We do fit perfectly





I have been sick, still. I’m no longer a patient, patient. I hate being stuck in bed, no energy, no fun. Ok a little fun! I did get to see Daddy and play with Him! But not being able to breathe wasn’t helping. I know, it’s not forever.

I thought about what to write about, especially since Daddy recently remarked that I haven’t been writing. He has a point. I’m doing to much at once, but here is the one place I can express my thoughts, and go about my life.

As I thought about how perfectly Daddy and I fit together… we both like to be peaceful, we have times when we’re just quiet, and don’t feel the need to fill the silence. We’re both smart, He’s smarter, which keeps me guessing, keeps me trying to find a weak spot. None so far. We like our sports. We both love being parents. Life might try to get you down, but we both have this, ‘ I won’t give in’ mode. We can carry on a conversation,  and nothing to do with sex! This is exciting since most people have lost the art of conversation.  We aren’t phone people, so you won’t see us on the phone talking very often, the occasional phone call helps. He can tell when something is on my mind, and I can tell with Him. We are both pretty good at knowing when we need to talk, and when it’s something to just work thru on your own. We like to have a good time, I can’t remember anytime we spend together where we aren’t laughing, joking around. I love that! I have been in the presence of serious ppl, which I can do just not often, we have our serious sides too, but I love to laugh and Daddy makes me laugh. Daddy knows I can be goofy, silly, and just a dumb blonde. I did swear my kids to secrecy!!! Although they bring up: the car, the stang, the twin, Walmart cart incident, sears incident… there’s more, much more! Will I ever share this with Daddy? Good question,  I don’t want Him to think He found a stupid babygirl,  I just have moments. I usually wonder to myself how can I be smart and absent minded/ dumb blonde at the same time, no idea…

I have been struggling with some things too. Nothing I can’t handle. I know my limits, and there are just going to be times that I will need Daddy to trust that I can handle things, not everything,  but some things. I’m a female, we are thinkers, over processors, but I like to think that I can tell when I really need Daddy to listen, and offer advice. Then other times when I just need Him nearby, I need Him to hold me close,kiss me, remind me that I’m His ,all His. That helps me draw strength from Him, and remind myself that my struggle is me doing it, nothing else. I always get through it. I process slowly sometimes.

Laying in bed makes me think about everything,  even things I never think about. I have watched enough tv. I am bored. Over thinking is not fun either. So packing boxes so I can move soon, that’s where I’m at! I couldn’t think of anything to write. Well, maybe one thing, Daddy.

We went out to dinner recently, we had such a great time. Flirting with each other. Talking about anything that comes to mind. Just spending time together. I love it when He orders for me. I love hearing His thoughts on the subjects we talk about. The way we reach across the table to hold each others hands. Smile at each other! I don’t know what Daddy is thinking, but I know that not one thought in my head is pure. Plus we bought some new toys, and trying them out has been fun!  Started a new diet,  I have to lose weight fast, I have a wedding, actually 3 I’m invited to, 2 are out of state. A baptism. I want to look good! Even if just for me, ppl do take photos at these events, I want to look good in those!!

It’s 3am, I woke up an hour ago, can’t sleep. I have a busy day ahead of me. I need to get back to sleep, lots on my mind. Lots to get done. Lots of sleep I’m missing, need Daddy in my bed cuddling me♡







I’m powerless in His presence

Whether He’s on the phone with me, it’s Him in a text, or I’m in His presence, I’m powerless.

When He makes any request, I quickly get it done with pride to serve my Master,I’m powerless.

Once I put on another sexy outfit, hoping to get you even more horny than you are, I’m powerless.

When we first met , I felt there was just something different about you, I’m so glad you showed me i was right, I’m powerless.

I have chosen to submit, I am on my knees before you,  ready to serve, I’m powerless.

If there’s a new toy that’s made it into your thoughts, and now we own and you must try it out, I’m powerless.

As sometimes the world caves in around me I try to find more strength, but all I needed was you, I’m powerless.

I can dominate the world, do all I need to do in a day,but you are always Master to me, my Daddy, my King,  I’m powerless.

When I’m feeling bratty, just needy of extra attn, I’m powerless.

If it’s one of those lessons that my ass is paying for, I’m powerless.

On a date with you, you let me pick where I like to go, but you are most romantic and order for me, hold doors for me, I’m on your arm, I’m powerless.

When you are having a bad day and need some space, I’m powerless.

This relationship,  you have allowed it to go slow, as I could not rush, you gave me your word that slow will be fine, I’m powerless.

You gave me many rules, and as Yours I take each one seriously and to heart, I’m powerless.

As we both know you own me, body,soul,mind, and spirit, it’s not a collar that holds me to you, but my love and devotion, I’m powerless.

I will serve you as long as you allow, I will kneel as long as I’m yours, I’m powerless.

♡ it is a privilege to be so powerless when you are my strength. You show me how strong I really am . It was a false power I carried with me anyway, til I submitted to you, that was when you stripped it all from me, but you gave back much more than you took. I worried you’d leave me broken, but you put me together how you choose. I love to see the changes you’ve made in me, I’m like a work of art, and you are Michelangelo.  Who will I become. Where will I be. Still serving you, still devoted to you, just as the very slave you made me into, for all your own pleasure and sensuality. There is nothing more wonderful to me now, than to be in your hands, molded by you, stripped of my power, and fully loved. Thank you for that gift, that is a true Master, my Master♡

I don’t remember ever being loved or cared for like this. I’m so happy you’ve found me, claimed me, kept me…





Twas days after sickness

Twas the day after sickness and
all through the house, creatures were stirring they left a huge mess.

While I was in my bed with fevers and such, those creatures,my kids were piling it up. The plates, and utensils, and cups and glasses,then cookware,and bakeware, and only sat on their asses.

It was piled so high there looked to be no countertop or a sink.
Why do I let them live in my home, Hmmm let me think?

When they were small there were kisses and hugs, and artwork,and fun things a plenty. But now they are evil, I was dumb enough to think it got better in their 20’s. 

I see why they stay, they possess no skills to survive, if not for me, would they still be alive?

This was my first day out of bed, I was so happy. The cold and fever didn’t kill me, but now I feel crappy.

On laundry, on groceries, on food lists,

Now dry it, fold it, dust it, and fry it.

To the top of the house , I must get it all done . In hopes that my body can keep up with this fun.

I’d complain, but to whom?  where is that department?  It’s just easier to start  putting it all back in its compartments.  I love my creatures, oops I mean spawn. Now dash away, dash away, dash away all…

Really, get the fuck out of here…
I have a whole house to clean
Mop the floors

Better get started☆

– babygirl♡