Twas days after sickness

Twas the day after sickness and
all through the house, creatures were stirring they left a huge mess.

While I was in my bed with fevers and such, those creatures,my kids were piling it up. The plates, and utensils, and cups and glasses,then cookware,and bakeware, and only sat on their asses.

It was piled so high there looked to be no countertop or a sink.
Why do I let them live in my home, Hmmm let me think?

When they were small there were kisses and hugs, and artwork,and fun things a plenty. But now they are evil, I was dumb enough to think it got better in their 20’s. 

I see why they stay, they possess no skills to survive, if not for me, would they still be alive?

This was my first day out of bed, I was so happy. The cold and fever didn’t kill me, but now I feel crappy.

On laundry, on groceries, on food lists,

Now dry it, fold it, dust it, and fry it.

To the top of the house , I must get it all done . In hopes that my body can keep up with this fun.

I’d complain, but to whom?  where is that department?  It’s just easier to start  putting it all back in its compartments.  I love my creatures, oops I mean spawn. Now dash away, dash away, dash away all…

Really, get the fuck out of here…
I have a whole house to clean
Mop the floors

Better get started☆

– babygirl♡


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