I’m powerless in His presence

Whether He’s on the phone with me, it’s Him in a text, or I’m in His presence, I’m powerless.

When He makes any request, I quickly get it done with pride to serve my Master,I’m powerless.

Once I put on another sexy outfit, hoping to get you even more horny than you are, I’m powerless.

When we first met , I felt there was just something different about you, I’m so glad you showed me i was right, I’m powerless.

I have chosen to submit, I am on my knees before you,  ready to serve, I’m powerless.

If there’s a new toy that’s made it into your thoughts, and now we own and you must try it out, I’m powerless.

As sometimes the world caves in around me I try to find more strength, but all I needed was you, I’m powerless.

I can dominate the world, do all I need to do in a day,but you are always Master to me, my Daddy, my King,  I’m powerless.

When I’m feeling bratty, just needy of extra attn, I’m powerless.

If it’s one of those lessons that my ass is paying for, I’m powerless.

On a date with you, you let me pick where I like to go, but you are most romantic and order for me, hold doors for me, I’m on your arm, I’m powerless.

When you are having a bad day and need some space, I’m powerless.

This relationship,  you have allowed it to go slow, as I could not rush, you gave me your word that slow will be fine, I’m powerless.

You gave me many rules, and as Yours I take each one seriously and to heart, I’m powerless.

As we both know you own me, body,soul,mind, and spirit, it’s not a collar that holds me to you, but my love and devotion, I’m powerless.

I will serve you as long as you allow, I will kneel as long as I’m yours, I’m powerless.

♡ it is a privilege to be so powerless when you are my strength. You show me how strong I really am . It was a false power I carried with me anyway, til I submitted to you, that was when you stripped it all from me, but you gave back much more than you took. I worried you’d leave me broken, but you put me together how you choose. I love to see the changes you’ve made in me, I’m like a work of art, and you are Michelangelo.  Who will I become. Where will I be. Still serving you, still devoted to you, just as the very slave you made me into, for all your own pleasure and sensuality. There is nothing more wonderful to me now, than to be in your hands, molded by you, stripped of my power, and fully loved. Thank you for that gift, that is a true Master, my Master♡

I don’t remember ever being loved or cared for like this. I’m so happy you’ve found me, claimed me, kept me…






3 thoughts on “I’m powerless in His presence

  1. Fantastic post.
    You are powerless, because you gave that power to him as an act of loving devotion. Beautiful

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