It’s been 11 months for Daddy and me♡





Since I first met Him, I was hooked. Granted I had already established thoughts about Him from the year before ,when we met briefly.  How fate, the universe, whomever it was… I had a second chance with the man who put stars in my eyes. Even though for me the timing was bad. I wasn’t about to waste my moment now that I knew second chances don’t always happen.

I needed to know if He, ‘was the one I’ve been searching for ,my entire life’. YES, YES, A MILLION TIMES, YES. I didn’t know how to tell Him. I’m not even sure He felt it.

The first time we were face to face , it took every ounce of courage in me to stay by His side, as I felt like I was in the presence of royalty and I wasn’t sure I belonged. Daddy just has this commanding presence about Him. It’s actually quite unique. I was just myself all night long, but it was hard to make eye contact, still is. His eyes always feel that they can see deep into my soul.

The man I met that night, impressed me. He was such a gentleman.  He spoke eloquently,  asked insightful questions.  He didn’t show anything but excellence. My thought was then, as it is now, ‘ Fuck, I want to be all His, forever, and ever, and ever’. Females just know, 30 seconds or less. ( I said He was eloquent, not me! LOL)

Once we began to call it a night, I knew I would want more, He’s like a drug, I’m His addict. I still cannot get enough of my Daddy. I know He reminds me of plans He has for our future. I just count myself lucky, blessed, or whatever you call it that I get to wake up each morning , and tell my Daddy that I love Him so much! He is my first love♡ He is the man I want to spend my ‘happily ever after’ with. He’s the man who is my everything! 

I’m the luckiest babygirl in the world. No one has a Daddy like mine. Next month is a year!  I have never had that with anyone who actually mattered to me. I am so excited! Life does give you what you are looking for, if your patient! I’m patient, I don’t need to know what our future holds, as long as Daddy is in my life! I’m His! He’s mine! 

I love you Daddy!  There aren’t enough words in any language to tell you how much , hopefully I can show you♡


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