Promise rings/engagement rings

While this has been a discussion in one of my Facebook lifestyle groups, and among me and my friends.  I strongly believe in promise rings, I think they give you time to commit to the relationship,  after a significant amount of time of being together, and if or when it feels like the right thing to do, then get the little lady an engagement ring.

Promise rings have been around since ancient times. There were many reasons for giving them. But in modern times promise rings have made a huge comeback. Now couples wear them together, especially lifestyle couples. They symbolize loyalty and fidelity,  what better way to show each other you are more than just dating, you taken your relationship to the next level, even if you are both not quite ready for an engagement,  especially if you have been married before, or just like the idea of waiting til you are fully ready for that kind of commitment between you both.

Promise rings show that this is a special moment for you both. It is a lifelong vow. Use this as a symbol of your love and commitment to one another. Do make sure you discuss the meaning of your promise ring. Will this be all there is, just the next level up from dating, or will it lead to marriage when it’s the right time for you both. It needs to be known what the intention is.

What does the promise ring symbolize for most:  it should not be taken lightly.  These are given after a significant amount of time. While some couples may not be ready for marriage, some might not even want that kind of commitment in their relationship, but still want a way to feel committed, more than living together and just paying bills.

There’s no right or wrong way to give one. But it shouldn’t look like an engagement ring at all. Small gemstones, birthstones, some sort of design that you both like. Or even commitment rings, and you both wear them. If this is to lead to marriage, this gives you more time to be ready for thst type of responsibility and commitment of a deeper level. The ring is to be worn on the left ring finger still, because there is a vein that connects straight from the finger to the heart. It should NOT look like an engagement ring at all. There is a difference between the two.

The discussion went well. Most understood that myself and some of my girlfriends feel very strongly about this. So many give engagement rings without it being the right moment of time in your life. Take your time. Both come with a level of  commitment,  but one has less than the other. That way if it just didn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world. There is no planning a wedding. Now if that is the future for you both, still take your time. You can even do the promise ring and collaring, if you felt you like that would be right for you both.


See, much smaller than an engagement ring. Still pretty. Not expensive.

Now you have options


2 thoughts on “Promise rings/engagement rings

  1. I remember giving sweetness a promise ring the first Christmas that we were together. She thought when I pulled out the box that I was proposing and began to freak out since we hadn’t been dating more than 10 months at the time. She still wears the promise ring on her right hand (we had it re-sized when she got her engagement ring) and has told me she feels naked if either of her rings are missing.

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