Sir & kitten, a meeting of the minds (original story)

Sir, had a bad week and kitten didn’t make it any better. Out of everything Sir had to deal with kitten meant the most to Him. But to let her keep her attitude was not on His agenda. Sir had a very cunning plan. And kitten was the target.

Kitten came in from work, headed for the shower. As she was undressing to take a hot steamy shower, she was greeted by Sir.

”Hello kitten, we need to talk NOW”, said Sir.
“Yes Sir, right after my shower”, kitten purred.

Sir smiled at her, a most evil grin. He shut the shower off, grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her into the bedroom. She started to feel very sexual, thinking some fun was coming her way. Sir, put her hands behind her back and locked them there. He was pulling off some tape to put over her mouth.

“Sir, if you put tape over my mouth, I can’t talk or use my safeword” she said.
“That’s the idea kitten, tonight you listen” Sir said with a growl.

Kitten swallowed hard. She knew He has been mad, but she’d never seen Him like this before. She struggled a few moments to see if she was able to get free. No way. Sir, saw the struggle, and smiled at her another evil smile. Kitten thought they were going to have sex, her favorite thing to do with Sir.

“There will be no sex tonight kitten, not unless I change my mind” he said

She looked at him with fear now. When Sir is mad he’s still sweet, but when he’s angry He’s mean, unpredictable. More demanding, not reasonable at all. She considered herself a strong sub. A real force to be reckoned with. Only Sir has plans for het tonight, and it will be his way, or no way.

“Where are your rules kitten?” He said in a questioning tone.

She motioned towards a shelf with her head. He walked over to pick it up. He started reading them aloud. Kitten knew she had made him mad recently, but was unaware of how mad he was.

“Have you ever broken any of these rules kitten ?” He asked
Kitten shook her head yes. She tried to talk thru the tape. He removed the tape, put his hand over her mouth. He looked her right in the eyes and said,
” Don’t make a sound, not one word. If you do you will find out what’s coming”
She shook her head yes in agreement. The look on his face told her that he meant every word.

“Shall we start kitten? You will listen, you will do as I say. You will remember your place from now on, you will not question me. But you will be able to ask questions, or for something you need when and only when you approach me the right way verbally. Do you understand ?”

She shook her head yes again.

“As of late, when I speak you don’t respond correctly. It’s not ‘Yes Sir’, it’s asking questions,  or adding in comments, or even rolling your eyes in another direction thinking I can’t see it. You signed up for being my sub, did you not?”
She shook her head yes again, but this time she opened her mouth to explain.
He picked her up, turned her around, took off his belt and within seconds it was across her bottom. She yelled out in pain.

” I warned you didn’t I kitten?” He asked her
She just shook her head yes, said not a word.
“When we got together we signed up for a certain kind of life. We are not vanilla even though we are in a vanilla world. You were the one who felt you were a sub and so you are treated as such. I am the Dom and yet you answer back, continue to be bratty, question my authority, speak out of line. I have had enough. You are the sub, I’m the one in charge. I do care about you, I want you to be happy, I want to know how you feel, I want us to communicate, I want you to feel loved, to never question how important you are to me. You are mine. I want you to be mine always but if this doesn’t change you are free to go. Do you get my point kitten?”

With tears in her eyes, she shook her head yes. She wanted to explain and thought maybe he would allow her to, but all he did was pick her up again, turn her around, and put his belt back over her ass, only this time the hitachi on her clit. “That better stay on your clit kitten” and she moaned and screamed out in pain. He knew she hated the hitachi so while they talked he made her body go crazy, with no chance of her cumming.  It was nearly to much for her to take.

“I love you kitten, but only one of us is in charge. This is how our life will work from now on. Do you want this with everything in you ?”

With tears streaming down her cheeks, she shook her head yes.

“Then we will write some new rules, keep some of the old ones. It is time for a change.  I want to be proud of you all the time. You are my world kitten. I will expect you have some opinions on what you want changed. I want to hear you, I promise to listen, but I have final say on everything. Just remember you didn’t like the punishment now, you won’t like what’s coming my sweet kitten. If I think you are fighting me then we will see if we belong together at all. But from now on this is how it is. You belong to me. You may still have your friends, your job, your shopping as I say, but I am to be your first thought in all of it. As long as I feel we are both happy,  we can proceed to make this more permanent in the future, as that is what I want kitten. Is that what you want?” ” I don’t expect perfection, you are only human, but when I know you are truly sorry for what you have done then I’ll be fine. I know change can take time, but as long as you work hard to show me change, you will always be forgiven”.

She shook her head yes, she was fully listening to him now.

” I see you are finally hearing me. Not giving your opinion, no comments. Now that you understand me better I wish to hear you speak. I will ask you questions and you will answer from your heart. And I make the final decision, are you ready?”

“Yes Sir” she said with a slight grin. She knew even though he was mad, he was fair, and he loved her beyond words.

Sir untied his kitten, picked her up, laid her on the bed and sat next to her. He comforted her and he asked many questions,  and she answered and obeyed completely.  The love between them was as strong as it ever was. For they both knew that what they had with each other was rare and to be protected.  It was that forever kind of love.

Once they talked and Sir held her a while. They spent some intimate time together. Kitten finally got to cum!

” oh, thank you Sir”

They both smiled and held each other. She knew He could handle her, and wasn’t wanting to go. She could finally release that part of her that she always held back from him.


3 thoughts on “Sir & kitten, a meeting of the minds (original story)

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    perfect words lovely one x

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