How the fuck did he do that???

Ok, so I leave at a reasonable time with a friend of mine,  Lee. We take his son home.  We leave my house at just before 8pm.

I’m on my phone texting friends, putting memes in my phone. I’m so NOT paying attention.  Not until Lee says
“Hey. Put on your GPS were lost, there was so much damn construction I got lost”

Me laughing,  says: ” how the fuck did you do that?” Still laughing my ass off!

Now, before we left my home I had to pee,  but my thought was, the kid lives close, 20 mins we will be back. As I’m writing this blog post, we are still driving, it became a 2 hour trip, but my GPS saved the day! Even with mountains around us, I did fear my GPS might not work, but if you want something bad enough, and your heart is pure,  you will get that!

Good, cuz according to my GPS we will be home in 15 mins, and I really really really have to pee!

But the signs of ‘watch for horses’   have to admit a bit unnerving! Would they really wreck his car, we are low on gas, no lights, no food, only 1 NOS drink ,his. Would anyone ever find us again?

Thank goodness I have a phone with GPS that works! 

Lee, I love ya but you’re a dumbass!

Still laughing… it was a nice Sunday drive, to bad it was dark as shit and couldn’t see a damn thing! What a night!

I need to pee!  Laughing is not helping…

For anyone near Az, we wound up near usery pass. Wow!


Update: I finally got home, and got to pee!


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