The most perfect time ever

As Daddy and I have been busy, we haven’t seen much of each other in over a week. It’s so hard to be away from Him. But I keep myself centered. Read old texts! Look at His pics.See him for breakfast. We stayed connected,  but it’s hard when life throws you so much to deal with.

But tonight, we put everything else aside. It was our time to just be together. The moment I saw those beautiful blue eyes, that smile, that great body. Omg, it’s always hard to believe just how lucky I am, that He picked me. He loves me! He’s with me. I adore Him.

When He walks in the room , He takes my breath away. He’s here, really here, near me, about to devour me , use me, bind me, spank me, surround me, electrify me, entice me, hold me, kiss me, talk to me. I wanted it all, whatever He could give, I was taking.

It was so hard to hold back. Keep my subbie self calm, let Him direct. All I wanted to do was throw Him on the bed. Kiss the fuck out of Him. Show Him how much I love Him. But He is in charge, and I love that too.

So, He starts nice and slow.  Put the hitachi on my clit, makes me go wild and scream with excitement, over and over. He then let’s it go, grabs the silk rope, ties my legs to my headboard, tells me not to move. Lastly, binds my wrists. While He sits back and admires His handy work,  He looks pleased with himself. He’s humming and singing to himself. That’s usually when I know he’s in a fantastic mood, on top of the world!

As He tortures my body, He’s loving every minute. Our eyes meet, I can’t get enough of this man. I hope He’s got plans for the rest of His life, with me, of course. Once He’s ready, He slides His huge cock deep inside me, shows me who I belong to! In and out, in and out, the pleasure between my legs is building, in and out. Oh fuck, that feels so good Daddy! When He cums, He does it on me, letting me be covered by His sweet fluid. I open my mouth wide so I can swallow some too.

He then takes time to untie me, let my body rest. But I’m still bound to my headboard. He leaves to shower quickly, when He’s out, He cleans the cum off me, His property. He lays on the bed next to me. Just grabs me, pulls me close to His chest. He wraps His strong arms around me , I feel so wonderful, so loved. As I snuggle up close to Him, I find my favorite spot, near His heart. I love to hear His heart beating, I close my eyes, I hope when i open them it wasn’t all a dream.

I slowly open my eyes, He’s really here, it wasn’t a dream. My Daddy is holding me, showing me His love. This is so much better, than hugging my pillow and thinking of Him as I drift off to sleep at night. Nothing compares to the real Daddy, nothing. I am still listening to His heart best. I love that sound too.

In case you couldn’t tell, I had the best night!  Even us laughing and goofing off with my kids, watching one of our favorite movies, just being near Him. Sharing some time with Him. Hearing about His stories! He knows how to make me laugh! I got to know how he’s doing.

All good things must come to an end… but just for the night, we both work in the morning. Til we can do that again!!!

Thank you Daddy♡

♡ your babygirl

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