The last sliver belongs to Him

Have you ever had something so special,  so wonderful, that you just wanted to hide it from the world. That way no one could tarnish, abuse, hurt, or just use it the wrong way, or take it from you, this treasure you’ve found. My treasure is my Master.

I know this feeling. I don’t like having to feel I share my Master with anyone. But the truth is , real life is just that, it’s real. Since my Master has 2 exes ,His time is not all mine, He must tend to other things. I don’t have to like it, He’s never said I had to. But He does expect me to wait patiently,  still check in, do as His rules say. A good slave would not make Him feel guilty for having to deal with his life, especially since He has made room for me in His life. I may not get Him all to myself , all the time, but I do get Him. He makes our time precious, and important.  He shows me as much as any can, that I’m on His mind.

He’s the perfect Master, flaws and all. Yes, He’s still human! But He deserves to be treated like royalty,  as my King! I am His willing subject, bowed low before Him, yet He called me His  queen. His words, not mine. I have not ever felt worthy of such an honor. But in reality,   I like the idea. To sit at His side while He rules His kingdom?

Granted it’s not a country that He rules, but me. So, I figure I can try this… to be the eloquent queen at His side. Be more refined, listen when He speaks, follow all instructions from Him to the last letter, bow low before Him, follow as He leads, answer softly, ask my Master if this slave, He finds value in, may please speak freely.   Well isn’t that what this lifestyle is about? As far as I can remember, it is supposed to be that way.

On being served, that is in the job description. If you cannot do it, then why apply for the position.  Although I can do it, I can serve my most precious Master. He warms my heart as I do for Him, and He rewards me with His time, His words, His actions. 

Recently, we celebrated a whole year together. It had some rocky moments, but He’s most patient. He’s aware I’ve been hurt very badly, but I’m not to treat Him as He’s the one who did the hurting, but being on guard as I learn Him, He’s been fine with. I have waited to be hurt by Him, lied to, cheated on. Yet, He’s by my side, holding me, reminding me that I’m the treasure He wants. This is way beyond the sex we have, which the sex is fantastic. But you realize at some point sex over substance never works. Relationships  need substance, we have that!

My Master is the kindest man I know. Believe me, the fact that my body is intact is nothing short of a miracle, especially the way I have treated Him/situations that I don’t like, or don’t like dealing with. I have disgraced myself a number of times, but He’s the strongest man I know. This patient Master taught me quickly I don’t have to like everything going on, but there is a proper way, improper way to handle things. He will expect me to choose wisely. As I have tried to get my way, be bratty, try to control, He hasn’t let any of that work. He will let me talk, argue, fight my point of view. Then He expects me to fall back in line, be the slave He knows I am. I have had to learn the hard way that I am not the one in charge.

I am a strong minded,strong willed woman. I am a worthy, strong slave. If I bow before anyone it will be of my own choosing, or I won’t bow at all.

I have this flaw though, my trust has been hurt deeply, by others mind you. So I hold back, my message has been, you can have 99.9999% of me, but I get to keep this one sliver of trust, it’s mine. Only problem with that is, then a proper Master feels that, waits patiently for me to hand it over. My Master has waited patiently.

I noticed the moment we celebrated our first year together, my Master started pushing us forward. I also noticed that I did not fight the change. I gladly followed His lead! I even handed over my last sliver of trust♡ I love being able to trust Him 100%. I’m scared to death, but not enough to stop me. If I get hurt, then I’m not a fool, I’m in love. I have found a worthy Master. It is to late to just leave His side. That is extracted from my thoughts. I must now see where real life takes us. I must be patient to handle the stress of His life, as He handles mine too. It will never be perfect, there’s no such thing, but it will be doable, a task that we are both able to get through, most importantly we will do this together!

I love the man, I love and adore my Master. So, my thoughts of lately are how can I please my Master? How may I show Him I’m His each day? How may I serve Him to the fullest of my ability? His happiness is everything.  Serving Him is how I choose to live. This is not a hard choice, but my Master deserves my best. He will get my best. He’s most deserving of that. He has shown me love like no other has. He has kept me safe. He has spent time to explain when I don’t understand.  He has had to punish me when I forgot my place, much to my regret.

There is something about this man, the Master He is. I have waited for this my whole life. I found what I say I want, now my actions need to back that up. He has given me much time to make up mind if I will trust him completely or just keep holding it off.

I hand over the sliver, to my worthy Master. I will follow. I will obey. I will ask for permission when I don’t understand.  I will try my hardest to remember my place. I know you are aware I’m not perfect, but you know I’m capable of giving you all of me. You warm my heart as I heard your words of how You see me. I am honored that you chose me. You are the love of my life Sir. I want to serve you completely. To be bowed low before you. To be on display for you, as you command. Your gift that you give me each day is your love, your kindness, your care for me, your time.
Our love is never vanilla, never ordinary. I’m excited Master to see where this next year takes us, as I see you have plans for our journey! I can hardly wait.


Thank you my Master♡

-your humbled slave, babygirl

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