It was fireworks♡

When you’re in love ,yep, it’s like fireworks!


From the moment Daddy and I met, something seemed different between us. I have never felt so comfortable with anyone like I do Daddy! Now, it’s been a year. What a year! It’s had its ups and downs, it’s good moments, great moments, phenomenal moments, bad moments, awesome sex, lots of punishments  ( I’m sort of a brat).

But if anything is true, I feel closer to Daddy all the time! I’m right where I want to be in my life, and oh Daddy seems happy too!!!

So, for our first year celebration we ate at a nice restaurant , we wrote a letter to each other. Ok I put mine on my phone and sort of cheated, while Daddy gave me a hand written sentiment. I wrote from my heart, I was completely honest. Once I read Daddy’s letter, I felt like He just put it all into words way better than I did. Yes, I’m critiquing my letter to Daddy. It’s allowed! 

I read Daddy’s letter to me over and over. I feel so loved, cared for, like I’m definitely with the man of my dreams!

Then there was this moment between Daddy and i… it was like…


Almost as if an explosion happened! It was the coolest thing! Definitely a surprise! Most wonderful surprise! Thank you Daddy.  It went like this…


It was just… WoW♡. How did Daddy do that! It was fantastic, just what I wanted.  Daddy is always so full of surprises. I’m a spoiled babygirl!!!

I love you Daddy♡



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