Til the world just goes away…


This describes my mood today perfectly. It’s been a crappy few weeks, right in a row. I used to have a lot on my plate, so I traded it in for a god damn platter. To life: there is nothing bigger, so quit giving me so much to handle on my own.

To those who will text and ask if I need to talk. Thx, but no thx. If I choose to talk to anyone about the crap going on then you’ll know.

Today’s list: clean bathroom top to bottom since someone threw up and it’s everywhere. Food shop. Do laundry. Do dishes that no one else could do. Ask me once more to watch your kid… Clean house. I’m supposed to have time with my Daddy,  but at this point I think I will spend my day by myself. I refuse to go back home til I’m god damned ready to do more bullshit. Just fuck off.

I need more alcohol, relaxes me, I forget why I want to runaway from home.

I have had nothing to really say all week, til I woke this morning to a disaster.  My only day off. Now that’s an oxymoron, don’t you think?! (Day off )   my ass

Hope yours is going better



One thought on “Til the world just goes away…

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    kisses sweet girl … just knock on my door when you need a hand and a friend x

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