Daddy knows best

So, if you read my blog, you know my morning went to hell, around 4am. It just started like shit , stayed like that. I went to my friends house for some R&R, she let me dump it all on her, cry some. You know how us girls are! But she had never seen me that emotional.  So we deducted that it must have been the new med, and then obviously my period,  they clashed and it felt like all hell broke lose. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, but this new med has barely had enough time in my system , so I really think it’s the culprit here. Me, an emotional mess? Not usually, but I was yesterday.

I really figured after my behavior that my Daddy was going to want me to explain. I also figured after my display of explosive emotions, that I wouldn’t get time with Him. I really needed it, but I had I earned that? That would be for Daddy to decide.

Daddy, decided I get time with Him. I swear He knows me better than any man who has ever been in my life, my boys included. How He knows what I need,  before I say anything? He knows when I’m so bratty I don’t deserve time with Him.

I asked myself, ‘what did I do differently this time , to find such a wonderful man?’ I have no answer, I don’t think I did anything to deserve Him honestly. He found me, but He shows me all the time that He’s not like every man on earth. Which I’m completely thankful for.

So, Daddy comes over. Just seeing Him melted my irritation from the day. Plus I knew He expected more from me, I’m not about to talk to Daddy the way I do my girlfriends. I look at Him, before I can say anything, He shuts it down and says, “breathe”.
He is directing me to get my stuff, and let’s go spend some time together. Neither of us are hungry, so what shall we do?

We wind up shooting pool. Daddy and I have never played against each other, so we really have no idea how the other plays. This should be fun, we are both competitive. He’s Daddy, always in charge. I’m a brat, I love trying to be in charge!

Daddy is at the bar getting drinks, I notice some females checking out my Daddy! Well, He’s hot and sexy, I would look at Him to if I wasn’t with Him. But I realize to, that He makes me feel secure, I have no need to rub all over Him to show He’s mine, I don’t feel like I need to pee on Him and mark my territory,  lol. I feel like , ‘Go ahead and look, He’s been with me for a year. If He was wanting someone else I’m sure He’d say so. If He wasn’t interested in me, I’m sure we wouldn’t be here together.’

I know as a female , usually we are territorial, but Daddy has gone to great lengths to make sure I feel secure! If anything, I look around at females and think, ‘now she might be fun for a threesome! ‘  that does go through my mind. Lol

So, as Daddy and I are playing. I back off . I want to see how good He is! He’s pretty good! I know I will have to really want to win to be able to take Him.  I won the first game on my own. No matter what He says, He did not take it easy on me! I’m glad He didnt. Second game I won, but not on my own, Daddy scratched on eight ball. Third and fourth game He won!  So, we play one for the tie breaker. Daddy wins!

I really didn’t care who won. I just enjoyed the time with Him. Laughing, kissing, listening to Him. He guides me, all the time. I did notice when we were in public, He was more protective. The Master in Him came out, but still lots of fun! I knew even in public I’m to be His slave, keep my eyes on Him only, obey Him at all times. He did allow me to be playful with Him. When He spoke to His friends I stayed back behind Him, not my place to move unto His conversation . As we were leaving I walked behind Him, til we went thru the door, then I was at His side. I guess I read Him too. I knew how He wanted me to behave all night, and I did as I knew to do. Don’t make Him angry, or regret that I’m His. Being a good slave in public is a big deal.

Daddy gave me the time with Him that I really needed. He proved again, that our bond is so much stronger than sex. We didn’t need it, we might want it, but it wasn’t part of our night. I wished we would have had time for Daddy to at least get a blowjob, but His daughter was headed to bed soon, and Daddy likes to be home to tuck Ms. Snugglebutt  in! She’s a Daddys girl too! I know I share Him! Hell, He’s even got my own kids liking time with Him!

It’s nice to see, no matter how busy Daddy is, He knows everyone so well, what to say/do for them. That makes Him one hell of a dominant!

That’s my Daddy♡ and I’m the luckiest girl in the world!


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