Wow, was my ass sore!

This was a rare treat! I got to be in Masters presence before my day really started. Serving Him is my ultimate pleasure. Him leaving marks on the ass attached to my body, that He owns, was hopefully great for Him too. I felt my ass all morning, all afternoon long.

He let me know this morning how He sees things. He’s always so honest it’s scary. I’ve never had that before. He noticed since we’ve been together, I am feeling better about myself, my worth. He knew I owed that to Him, Him only. To many see a pretty slave, destroy all in their path,  including me, and move on. But my Master is different,  He deserves my time, love, care, and respect. I have waited to be harmed, or scarred. Bruises only, but those were to be expected. The big plus is He’s still here, in front of me. Guiding,  teaching me. I have done nothing worthy to deserve to be treated so well, I’m so thankful that He has found something in me that males Him want to stay.

As He spoke, He talked physical qualities. Except it’s not His physical qualities that keep me here. Ok, I love His blue eyes, and that smile of His! It’s a panty dropper! But that’s it for me. There might be a few more things! The things that keep me here are:

*how He handles me
*how He turns the tables on me , I can’t have my way
*how He treats me
* the way He shows me how I’m on His mind
*He will have fun with me, nothing to do with sex
*how He shows me who He really is
* that all the brattiness didn’t make Him leave
* He has my respect, or I’d never be on my knees before Him.
*the way He trains/guides me
*how He disciplines me. He’s always fair
* the way He shows His love for me

My wish for us: that we are still together when we are old. White hair, wrinkles, life has kicked your ass and now you’re old enough to tell the grandkids about it!
I just know it’s what I want. I feel it deep inside. I have never felt it before. It’s how I know this is all different for me, and scary. Unchartered territory. I don’t know what’s right or wrong here, I’ve never been here. So I go slow, unless He makes me/us go faster. I don’t try to have any expectations. As I wonder if He feels it too, and does He understand what this pull between us is? Idk.

I do know I’m happiest when I’m with Him, near Him, a call away from Him. I’m calmer when I’m before Him. I long to serve Him. I wish for Him to be happy. I love to hear His laugh. I love when He is in charge.  I know I’m a brat, but I’m now a controllable brat, His brat! I hope I get to serve Him for life.

I love my Daddy, I adore my Master

Thank you Sir for your time this morning♡


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