On a dark desert highway

Yes, it was a dark desert highway that I found Him on.

It started as any other Thursday,  we got up early, went to work, had plans to see each other that evening. As Daddy was getting off work He received a call , He needed to change our plans and pick up His daughter, which pushed our plans back that night. Our rule to each other since we started our relationship is, ‘the kids always come first, ALWAYS’. We don’t bend this rule, we keep our disappointment in check, so our plans were still in affect.

We texted each other to make sure all was going well. A few days this week had already fallen apart, so I was starting to doubt that I’d have time with Him.

He calls me, my heart just sunk, I’m thinking, ‘He calling to cancel…’
But what I hear went differently. He had just dropped off His daughter, and was headed back to me, but He ran out of gas. My first reaction, ‘Oh shit’.
He tells me where He is, I have a general idea, but because it’s this a long stretch of a dark highway, it won’t be easy.

I bring my son along, for the life of me, I can’t remember why at this moment in time.

So, I pick up some gas, head to this long, dark highway. I await directions so I can find Him. It does take a while to get out there, but the way I drive, I’m a speed demon, it really doesn’t take near as long,

Daddy is giving good direvtions, but my son doesn’t know this highway and as I fear was founded, is starting to mess up the directions. I made a turn I didn’t need to make. So, I need to turn my car around. Yes, I’m annoyed by that. My first instinct was to keep heading east, why did I ever listen???

Daddy,  shows me the way by being my eyes at this point,  over the phone.  I’m close by, I find Him! I knew I could!

He puts the gas in His tank, we head back west, to town, find a gas station. But the night is almost over. As we stand there talking, kissing, Him making fun of my driving, (Daddy hates my driving), it had already hit me that our night was done. It was to late to spend time together, we both get up early for work. Sex, well we could do that, but then be tired all the next day… not a great idea in Az to add a tired person to heat. It was just done. My heart and my head hated that idea. I felt like the last few weeks everyone got His time, I know I matter to Him, without a doubt.
It’s just not always easy.

As we leave the gas station my speed demon driving kicks in. Daddy pulls along side my vehicle, now in reality the car He’s driving should kick my ass off the line, and leave me in the dust, but I know He backed off to stay right beside me. As we are racing this ,not even a quarter mile piece of road, we both slam on the brakes to stop for a light. We seem concerned that cops could have just seen that, we look at each other and smile. Only He has no idea I’m dying on the inside, I didn’t get my night with Him, but I love Him, I know He’s already trying to make it up to me.

The next day, He’s already texting me about lunch. He’s trying to have some time to ourselves! I get done with my errands as quick as possible.  I pick up lunch for us. Try to hurry, as He’s texted He’s on His way, which means He’s roughly about 7 mins away from me. I get food on plates, and wait in slave position,  as my Master, the man I serve and love, will be in my presence soon! As He walks thru the door, everytime I’m waiting in position for Him, He does this deep growl thing! Totally turns me on! At this point He picks up my face to meet His and kisses me! Omg, forget lunch, I just want Him, NOW!! But I wait for His direction. He runs His fingers thru my hair, I can feel love just emanating from Him. He helps me up, and we sit to eat. We get some time to talk, but I love that, I still want to fuck! I swear the moment we take the last bite of food, my kids are in our faces. Niw, maybe Daddy does better with disappointment, but inside I just want to ravage His body.

After some light conversation with my kids, He makes us go to my room!  My mind is like, FINALLY!!!!! All I thought was how long I’ve waited to be used by Him! We are both cuming hard and fast!  He is really giving it to me so good! And all I hear from Him
” Damn I miss this, how long has it been?”

Now, I the answrr, but I did not mean for it to come out so snotty,
“A week, it’s been a week”

He looks at me, like He doesn’t believe that. You’ve been really busy Sir. I’m trying to keep my attitude out of it. But I was right it had been a week. It’s not His fault,  but a friend needed His help, ok. Then His daughter had to come first another day, this I understand.  One day He came over and spanked me and got me so horny, but He left me like that. My body ws building it up. Sometimes it just happens, I realized from His question He had no idea it had been so long.

It wasn’t long, He had to get back to work, but I’ll take it! I needed Him, and He was there! I could handle more sex, soon! I’m sure He’s planning. Especially since we have a threesome coming up! His favorite thing!!!

I know He gets busy,  I just hope we get some time together. Not just to fuck, I mean ‘ make love’,  but as a couple, to grow stronger together. I love this man whom I serve. Since we want forever, some days I want forever to start right now♡  I think forever started a while ago, but as life goes the pieces will fall into place, as they should. You can see it on the horizon, life with my Daddy will never be boring, or regular. But then life life with me with be full of surprises too! You never know when I’ll be a brat! Lol.

Notice, I didn’t bitch and moan to get my way, try to top from the bottom. I accepted my position as His slave, I knew He was thinking about me, as He always does. Sometimes we just have to wait for our Master. Be supportive, be a good slave. That is the way to act and behave properly.


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