Would you still love Him if…

Someone started a new chat this morning on fb. One of bdsm chat rooms.

‘What would you do if your Master/Daddy/Dom …

-lost His job
-got hurt
-became paralyzed
-got really sick
-lost a limb
-wasn’t the same somehow, unforseen cicumstance.
– incarcerated

What would you as, sub/slave do?

For most of us, like 99.9999% nothing would change. You are still the same man to us, you just might need more of our help at times, but that can happen. Life isn’t always fair, easy, or great. Anything can happen. Looks fade, grey is coming at some age, wrinkles set in. Sickness and disease are not fun, but real love will show at times like those. If He’s behind bars ,whether a short or long time, can you hold it all together. If He lost His job and you were the only income for a bit, do you bail.

This may sound easy, that given life may/may not put you to the test at some point. Make sure you love the person you share your life with. If the looks go can you stay? I must say there were some submissive people who clearly were not ok with this type of thought.  For the rest of us, well we know life is not always kind, it’s not a respector of persons. Rich or old, nice or asshole, it doesn’t discriminate, anyone can be touched,  at any time.

My Daddy rides motorcycles. I’m fully aware anything can happen, I choose to think in a positive manner. Reality is that if anything were to happen, I would be by His side, no matter how small it may seem, or how big. Papercut, to big ouchies!

I think like this: my Master has been there for me so many times, meltdowns, when past shit comes up, when I’m not at my best, when I wake up (this is not a lovely site!), crying, drunk off my ass, I have even thrown up on Him but alcohol was involved. Things go wrong sometimes, but real love endures. Real love is a strong, an unbreakable bond you have together. I would still be able to serve even if His looks were gone ( and my Daddy is a sexy beast). It is hard to be there for someone when you need the strength of 10 men to get through it,just reach deep down, take time for you to recharge, but remember, ‘you’ve got this’.

How do I know in that one desperate and awful moment I can stand strong? Because my love doesn’t faulter, it’s real,  I could get hurt( my heart) and I still choose to love Him. I can’t help it, my heart chose His. He is my other half! My missing piece! Plus I’ve been down that dark path, it has been with all 3 of my kids. I was the mom with sick kids, there have been multiple times they were on deaths doorstep, I held there hand and let them know if they need to go I was ready to let them go. My love was forever♡ ,they will always be mine. No matter here on earth or somewhere else, I love them beyond what I know, but if they had my strength and could pull through then give me a sign. I did revive one of my kids, she was dead in my arms. I wasn’t ready, neither was she. She’s a fighter like me! That was 5 yrs ago. She did wind up with some brain damage (she’s epileptic) but her brain found a way to function, you can’t even tell!

The way I love our kids is almost how close I love my Master, almost. He’s much closer. The kids own pieces of my heart, but my Master owns my heart and soul. He’s such a big part of me. How could I ever not care for him. I would die in His place if need be. He is everything to me. Does that sound drastic,  well love is. Check your own love meter, ask yourself if there is any situation that could come up that could tear you from His side… For me, that answer is no. I love Him to infinity and beyond♡



5 thoughts on “Would you still love Him if…

  1. Cara says:

    I’m blind as a bat without my contact lenses…I have,ore fat on my ass than the average woman…I’m a recovering alcoholic. And I’ve been told these are not things a man looks for in a woman. So “would I still love him if[insert whatever happens]” is a bit one-sided, isn’t it.

    • stacieinaz says:

      It was just a chat, we already knew some ppl were just here for sex. We were wanting them to get the whole picture. But yes it goes both ways, that’s why I shared how He’s been there for me. I’m far from perfect, and I’m fully loved. Sometimes subs forget that part. But we in turn must fully love them. And today it was revealed to them how one sided they really were.

  2. I fully agree with you and am at that point in our lives at the moment. I am the only primary bread winner for Daddy and I financially, but He picks up where I wane in other ways. We support each other fully, as every good marriage or relationship should be, he’ll be 45 in a few days and he is my world! ❤ We have been together for almost sixteen years and married for just over 12. We have been through the Fires of Hell and back. A true marriage and a true love does not let the things of this life tear it asunder! Well said hon! I love your take on this one! 🙂

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