The beast within



My Daddy is a sexy beast, these pics represent the side of Him I have never full on seen, but know it’s there. Daddy has told me stories of times when the beast in Him had to come out to take care of a situation.  Daddy doesn’t go looking for trouble, but He doesn’t run from it either. I figured there are 3 types of men in this world, the ones who start shit, the ones who can’t deal with that shit -squeaky clean, ones like Daddy who handle shit. I see nothing wrong with the middle or last one, it’s the first type you look out for.

We women might not always like that it’s a man’s world, but we can’t handle the same shit. We aren’t equipped for it, I don’t mean strength to fight. I mean strength to NOT fight. Do women really know that there is a time to stand your ground,  and a time to hold yourself back.  Men understand this, women do not.

Women are fiesty, mean, ready to blow at the slightest bit of trouble coming at them. I can be calm, but not for long. Then once I’m raring to go, step out of my way. All the women I know are this way. We love a good fight. We don’t even need the facts straight, it’s hit now and ask questions later. But that’s how you lose the war.

Men understand this, keep your thoughts on what’s going on. How serious is this situation. Men even come with their own warning system built right in them. Women… not so much. Am I being sexist, not really, I know what me and my girls are like. Maybe not every girl, but most, and be honest with yourself, some already know this to be true.

Now when I’m feeling playful, like a playful little kitten I like to poke the beast.


Not this sort of playfulness, to mild for me. I’m more like…


Yep! Find some trouble to get into. I’m unleashed on an unsuspecting world. Now that’s fair. Daddy says trouble is my middle name,  but I’ve read my birth certificate. Daddy is not correct, it’s ‘Pachelle’! (Pash  elle).

My favorite thing when I’m in playful mood like this is to find a way to play with Daddy! He’s my favorite person! No one is funner than Him! He plays with me and still I can’t win, but it’s fun trying! Daddy is like a brick wall. But I also know, once Daddy uses ‘that’ tone it’s time to go play somewhere else, retreat from Him, find something else to do. I might want to play, but I don’t like being in trouble. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I’d be brave enough to poke a beast, but I am!  I know when to stop too. Like 2 mins before He looks like this


If I dont, all I can think of is running, hiding. Hitchhike my way through Europe, keep myself on the down low. Leave no trace of me, no scent. Don’t let Him catch me. Protective custody wouldn’t be I would greatly fear that my Daddy is too patient, He would know I’m gonna rear my head and then once I do, He’s off into my direction. Daddy already knows my every move, like a bloodhound. For every move I make, He makes two. There would be no getting away. I will pay the price. Plus some for making Him have to find me and catch me. It’s much easier to just kneel and give up now. I’ve already sealed my fate, just enjoy my last few pain free minutes. It might be my last.

His new thing is taking all control. Which I understand,  even if I don’t really like it, I do respect Him so much. He has His hands full with me.  The fact that I’m not so easy, He must always be thinking is probably to much for most men. But not for Daddy. Daddy knows I can conform to what He wants. I will serve and protect what is ours. But every so often my wild side is coming out of the shoot like a wild bronco. Daddy gives me some room to run, but He’s always right there to reel me back to His side. Right where I belong!

I think all slaves/subs should thank their dominants. We are well taken care of, spoiled by love and affection. They only ask that we serve with all we have.  They in turn love us, protect us, care for us, spoil us. My Daddy is always under self control, and believe me I’ve been in big ass trouble before. I deserved to see His wrath, He only showed bits and pieces. I truly don’t think I’d survive the beast within. I’m a rough ,tough girl. But Daddy is the one to fear. I am happy He gives me rules, structure, shows me exactly how I am to be to please Him. As Daddy and I move into a new phase in our lives, the beast will remain ready but under the surface. The beast has me covered, the kids covered. I don’t need to fear any living thing on this earth with Daddy at the lead.

I love you Daddy, thank you for always doing such a great job as my dominant. I am so lucky to have you. Thank you for letting me poke the beast and be playful too! You are the best! I am proudly owned by you Sir. I couldn’t be happier!

– babygirl

3 thoughts on “The beast within

  1. missagathaarmstrong says:

    love this post … it’s just too funny x

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