My 2 cents

Daddy has always let me have my 2 cents, my opinion on things. He didn’t have to and some days He is all about His way and fall in line, Yes Sir. But much of the time, He will ask me. He always makes me feel valued and loved even more. How He balances our lives so well. I usually add my 2 cents after He asks, and I didn’t know this was my downfall. He loves that sometimes my dirty mind will give Him ideas. 

Take this morning, for instance, Daddy and I plan on living together, He loves waking up to a blow job ( I know you’re surprised, lol) and His other favorite is spanking my ass. He gets so excited about it, like a kid in a candy store! I never understand it, but I sure as fuck feel it! O… not saying THAT word, not even thinking it Daddy! ( inside joke!, Daddy gets it!)So, this morning I tell Him what I was thinking, how  He will get to wake up to a blowjob and spankings! He sounded so excited. I walked into that one, He wasn’t even thinking about it. I opened my mouth and added my 2 cents. Living with Daddy sounds painful. But I get my Daddy! Let’s hope I survive all the spankings. I’m thinking I will survive, He sounds like I’m getting a long life full of spankings. Yay me?

So my vow to Daddy: living with you will be the greatest thing in my life, to live with the man who makes me understand what true love is.To the man who shows me real beauty.  To the man who asks my opinion, gives me choices, lets me even add my 2 cents in. To the man who loves me beyond words, and shows me everyday.I will spend the rest of our lives giving you blow jobs as you wake, adding my 2 cents but watch what i say, I will follow as you lead, as I always have. I’ll strive to be the best slave,babygirl, ole lady you’ve ever had. I want our life to be like a Disney fairytale only a true one! Where we live happily ever after ,but it wasn’t clear who gets the spankings?? If you want some ,you can have them! I’ll share! Lol. Shit, that probably racked up some more… well fuck, guess He will spend the rest of our lives beating my ass! Now, is that illegal??? Lol


I love you Daddy! 


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