A very special night♡

Tonight Daddy had a surprise, I got to meet His daughter for the first time. I know He mentioned it weeks ago, but I know my Daddy, He plans everything. So once He mentioned what was happening, that was my cue to process quickly.

I processed! I was excited to meet her. I knew I cared about her before I ever met her, cuz I care so much about my Daddy!  I also knew not to bring anything up to Daddy. Everything happens as He says, not me. So I know in our life together, I’m to follow His lead  and not drive Him nuts trying to make things either go faster or slower as I want them to go. Daddy has it all planned, and I trust His perfect timing!

So, tonight l was prepared. Daddy let me know He was ready for us to meet her. I felt so happy, and loved. I knew this meant a new phase for me and Daddy. We are getting closer all the time. I also knew this was a big deal.

Tonight just felt wonderful. I haven’t had a little girl around the house for a long time, I miss that. I had a great time just watching her be her 2 year old self! She was in  new place, near new people, and the world is exciting and wonderful. Energy for days! Damn, I need some of that energy!

Tonight was so special. I got to see my Daddy being a dad to her. He is strict with her ,like He is with me. He’s a great dad, and Daddy! How He handles it all like it’s so easy, I’ll never know.

Daddy, has plans for us as a couple, and all of us as a blended family. I am so excited, nervous, but loving life! This is the happiest I’ve ever been. I love the journey He has us on. He makes this look so easy.  How does He do that?

Life is good, always getting better♡


I felt tonight went great. I even got hugs and a kiss, awe! Just melts your heart!



One thought on “A very special night♡

  1. It’s so amazing when we can be introduced into our partner’s lives in a meaningful way like you did… I’m so happy for you! Wish I could find a partner that I could do that with….

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