Complete surrender 7-8-15

It was nearly a year ago now, that i felt the best decision for me was to give myself over to my Master, 100%. To serve Him completely,  give my full submission to Him. Let Him guide me as to what He wants in His slave. That once I knew He wanted me as His slave, it was my turn to give to Him. I have not regretted this decision once. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 

 It was a hard thing to do since I had tried this path before and had been quite disappointed.  This Master is different and very wonderful. He made it easy to feel safe and secure enough that I would contemplate not being a sub anymore, and go back to my slave roots. Back to the real heart of me. How did He find it, how did He bring it out of me? He’s a genious, cuz I vowed to never be a slave again. The last year has been a huge learning process. I’m so happy.
Nearly a year later, I’m still so glad I have made the decision to serve my Master/Daddy. 

The struggles as being a slave are very real. How will you give 100% of yourself to another human being, serve them with your whole heart,mind,body. Put Him first in everything :action,thought, and deed. Well, it all depends on how much you put that person first. I can only hope I have made Him proud, showed Him that the more I gave to Him, my trust grew. As my trust grew, my heart loved Him more and more. I put Him first because that is what I want and desire.

I want to be above all other women in His world. I want to serve Him as long as He allows. 

I am so deeply moved that I get the privilege of still serving Him, it’s been nearly a year.

I don’t need to be collared to feel owned. I am owned! I am loved. I do serve. 

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